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Shani Pradosam-Shed off your Sins right away!

Maha Shani Pradosam

Maha Shani Pradosam

Lord Saturn, the divine judge in everyone’s life is celebrated and feted on his special day on Sani Pradosham. The 13th Moon or Saturday is referred to as Sani Pradosham and it is during this time that you get to appease the Saturn Lord to wash you off your sins and start your life afresh as a blooming bud. Yes, this is the day to load off your karmic baggage and why would you wait for another birth to wash your sins away when there is a special day to do that for you? This year, Sani Pradosham falls on the 26th of April, 2014. What should you do to wash away your karmas?

  • Offer your heartfelt prayers to Lord Saturn
  • Wear the Saturn’s color-black or dark blue
  • Feed the crows and the homeless
  • Volunteer your help to the needy
  • Light a lamp with sesame oil and a cotton wick that’s made out of sesame seeds-Lord Saturn’s favorite
  • Keep chanting the mantra “Om Saneeshwaraya Namaha” whenever you can

The Hindu mythology behind Pradosham It dates back to those days when Lord Indra lost his kingdom in a war and was given a curse that he could hatch back to his throne only if he churned the divine nectar out of the sea and drank it down to perfection. In the process of churning the divine sea, Lord Indra involved devas and the asuras to get it done for him. Both these parties used Vaasuki and Mandramalai, the snakes as the churning rope. As the churning got tougher and the divine nectar was about to evolve, the rope (the snakes) could no more withstand the wrath and started spitting out all their poison into the nectar. Considering the churning process over, Lord Indra was about to drink the nectar, whilst Lord Shiva appeared in the scene and drank all the poison by himself, thus saving Lord Indra of death. This gulping down of poison made Lord Shiva’s throat grow blue. Having listened to this tragedy, Goddess Parvathi appeared instantly and choked the poison in Shiva’s throat by holding it tight with her hands, so that the poison wouldn’t spread further. This process got Lord Shiva tired, and he thus rested on Goddess Parvathi’s lap. Having heard this incident all the celestial beings came down to look upon Lord Shiva, who then recovered from the mishap and danced the “Ananda Thandavam” with Goddess Parvathi and thus the day of Pradosham came to existence. What’s in it for you? This day having had given Lord Shiva himself the relief, it will definitely cast only its goodness on you, and remove you off all your karmic baggage. Get to involve yourself in the Sani Pradosha poojas and get rid of your sins!

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