Know The Saturn Effects On 12 Houses Of Rasi Chart


Saturn is the most feared planet and the sade satti, 7 ½ years is looked upon with trepidation. Saturn is a graha of justice and whoever does wrong is punished severely. Saturn will do good to people who perform good deeds in life and generate good karmas in their lifetime. Annadanam is the best way to get good karmas in life.

Saturn Represents The Following Characteristics

Laziness, Obstruction; Horse; Elephant; nerves, tendons and ligaments; Gain; Witness; Distress; Sickness ; Misunderstanding; Misery; Death; Maid Servant; Asses And Mules; Sudras ; One With Disfigured Limbs; Haunting Woods; Handsome Look; longevity,  Eunuch; One Born Of The Lowest Caste; Birds; A Servile Duty; Unrighteous Conduct; One Without Manliness; Telling Lies; Long Lasting; Wind; Old Age; Tendons And Muscles; Strong At The End Of The Day; Sisira Ritu – Winter ; Great Anger; Exertion; Born Of A Very Low Mother; Bastard; Golaka (abode of lord Krsna); Dirty Clothes And House; Wicked Mind; Black Colour; Evil; Cruelty; Ashes; Black Grains; Gems; Iron; Nobility; Crippled; Sharp; A Blanket; Facing West; Life Saving Drugs; Downward Look; Agriculture; Life Saving Drugs; Arsenal; A Student Belonging To Another Caste; External Position; North-Eastern; Serpent World; Downfall; Lost in Battle; Wandering; A Spear; Lead; Misdirected Strength; A Turk; Worn Out; Oil; The Tamas Guna; Travelling Through Forests and Over Mountains; Hard-Heartedness; Fear; Long Standing Distress; Hunter; Ugly Hair; Entire Sovereignty; Alarm; Goats And The Like; Buffalos And The Like; Indulging In Sex Pleasure; Dressing Oneself For Amorous Appeals; Worshipping God Yama; Dog; Theft  And; Cruel-Hearted, poverty and riches.

Saturn Placement In Different Houses 

Saturn In The 1st House:  He is a strong minded, emotional, straight forward and believes in doing  justice. If first house is Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, Saturn gives good results. The native is tall, lean and has strong physique, rises in life and enjoys all comforts of life and gets happiness in family life. He will buy many properties, vehicles and create good wealth in his lifetime. If Saturn is placed in Mesha, where it is debilitated, the native suffers losses, difficulties in profession, loss of job many times and problems in health, high expenses and many miseries in life. If first house is Simha, the native will suffer from back pain and have debts. If first house is Mithuna, Kataka, the results are reasonably good. For Kanya Rasi mixed results of sudden luck and fortune and some unexpected debts. For Vrischika Rasi, the native will have to work hard for success and will enjoy success and buy vehicles and properties. For dhanus rasi, creates wealth, good family life, but need to work hard for achieving success. For Meena Rasi, mixed results of good profits and unexpected expenses.

Saturn In The 2nd House: This is the house for source of income, wealth, family life, speech.  For dhanus, makara, kumbha,  mesha, vrishabha, thula  as ascendant , the natives will earn enough in life to lead a comfortable life, creation of wealth and enjoy good family life and find success as good communicators. For mithuna and kataka rasi, the native will enjoy happiness and success in all aspects of life. For simha ascendant, it will be mixed results of with success, steady income but will have debts. For vrischika ascendant,  it is good in all aspects and will enjoy vehicles, good family life, purchase properties but need to put hard work for success. For Meena ascendant, it will be mixed results with good and very good profits but combined with unexpected expenses.

Saturn In The 3rd HouseFor makara ascendant, the native will enjoy good fortune, luck, good relationship with younger siblings, gains through communications, have courage, short  travels, steady income, for kumbha ascendant, the native will have health problems ,and high expenses, for meena ascendant, the native needs to work hard to achieve success, will enjoy gains but also have high expenses, mesha ascendant will do well in profession, see growth in career and also can expect sudden gains, vrishaba and thula ascendents will do extremely well in all aspects of life, mithuna and kataka ascendant will do reasonably well, simha ascendant is major changes for good with high growth in career, steady income, financial gains, enemies will be nullified, kanya ascendant will see sudden ups and downs, sudden luck and money will come, for vrischika ascendant, steady income, good profits dhanus rasi will see growth in all aspects of life, meena rasi will see mixed results will good profits and also unexpected expenses .

Saturn In The 4th House: This position of Saturn in the 4th house  is not  fortunate for all ascendents and very bad for makara ascendant giving serious health issues and loss in property transactions and exercise caution while driving vehicles. 4th house Saturn gives sudden losses, break in education, chronic diseases, domestic unhappiness and dealings in property and mother health can be matter of concern. For makara ascendant, health problems, unhappy family life, loss of wealth will be on the higher side.

Saturn In The 5th House:  Saturn gives mixed results. There can be delay in progeny. Professional and career will be good. Property transactions will give gains.  For makara, kumbha, vrishabha, thula ascendants there will be progress and prosperity in all aspects of life. For meena rasi, there will be mixed fortunes, sudden huge gains but high expenses, for mesha rasi the native will see good results , for mithuna rasi the natives will be blessed luck and fortune and sudden huge profits in speculation however should be careful in signing contracts, kataka rasi will be blessed with good times, good health and long life, for simha rasi there will be mixed results with steady income but also debts, for kanya rasi mixed results sudden luck and  fortune and also debts, for vrischika rasi gains from properties and travels to foreign countries, for dhanus rasi, the native will unhappiness in family life, loss of wealth, problems from younger siblings and overall misfortune in life.

Saturn In The 6th House: Saturn is beneficial for all ascendants in the 6th house. The native will overcome all his enemies. There will be financial gains, growth in profession and career, politicians will be successful and people working in the health industry will be extremely successful. It will be a happy go lucky time. The exception is vrischika ascendant who will face hurdles, obstacles, loss due to property transactions, tension due to mother’s health and domestic unhappiness.

Saturn In The 7th House: All ascendants will do well. Profession and career will go well, good health, success and prosperity. The exception is thula ascendant where Saturn in 7th house is neecham (very weak) causing loss due to property transactions, tension due to mother’s health, domestic unhappiness, delay or denial of children, misunderstanding with spouse, hurdles in profession.

Saturn In The 8th House:  Natives will enjoy long life and good health which is true for all ascendants except for Kanya ascendant  as Saturn gets neecham in 8th house, indicating loss due to speculation, delay in progeny, creation of debts and court cases. For other ascendants, native can expect steady income and mixed fortunes and enjoy good health and some will get inherited property.

Saturn In The 9th House: This is good placement and all ascendant can expect luck and fortune, success in profession, gains and profits, will do charity and involve in philanthropic activities. Exception is Simha ascendant for whom Saturn gets neecham in 9th house resulting in serious marital discord and even separation and divorce, creation of debts and general unhappiness in life.

 Saturn In The 10th House:  This  is a good placement for all ascendants and can enjoy steady income , growth in profession and success in career , good health and will manage all expenses comfortably. Exception is Kataka Rasi who will experience serious problems in marriage life and can lead to separation and divorce and face hurdles in all aspects of life.

 Saturn In The 11th House: This is a good placement for all ascendants which will give knowledge, gains and profits, success in profession, property and creation of wealth, status and honour in society, political success and fame as public figure. Exception is mithuna ascendant for whom Saturn gets neecham in 11th house and can affect longevity, should be careful to avoid accidents , will face misfortune and loss from speculations.

 Saturn In The 12th House: This is not a good placement. For all ascendants, this gives loss, trouble from secret enemies, health problems , eye troubles , litigations , debts, For Vrishaba Rasi the troubles are on the higher side. Native will be attracted towards yoga and divine sciences.

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Remedies To Overcome Saturn’s Bad Effects

  • Visit Tirumala Tirupathi Temple and take the blessings of Lord Venkateshwara.
  • Visit Hanuman Temples on Saturdays and offer thulasi, betel leaves, butter and flowers
  • Visit Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple in Varanasi near Benaras Hindu University – this famous temple was founded by Tulsi Das who wrote Ramayan
  • Visit Nanganallur Anjaneyar Temple in Chennai
  • Visit powerful, wish fulfilling, TNSC Bank Hanuman Temple, Luz Church Road, Chennai
  • Gem – wear blue sapphire
  • Feed buffaloes, black horse, black dogs
  • Light mustard oil lamp for Sani Bhagwan on Saturdays in Sani Sannadhi in Shiva Temple
  • Keep horse shoe ring with yourself
  • Throw iron pieces in running river water on Saturday
  • Drink water in iron vessel at night before sleep
  • Offer milk to Shiva Lingam
  • Give black Til (sesame) to ants on Saturdays
  • Make balls from dough of black dal and feed fishes
  • Donate almonds and black dal on Saturdays
  • Avoid non vegetarian food, alcohol and smoking
  • Feed snakes with milk
  • Fast on Saturdays
  • Feed black cows with chappathis
  • Feed black dogs with chappathis
  • Feed crows with sesame rice
  • Distribute free medicines
  • Pour milk in well
  • Pour rum in running river water
  • Throw almonds and coconut in running river water
  • Fill flute with sugar and bury in deserted place
  • Offer Rudrabhishekam to Lord Shiva on Shivaratri
  • Donate to Gurus and Brahmins
  • Donate to the poor, specially food
  • Lead a path of righteousness and be just to all

Saturn Homam

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