Saturn Transit

Saturn transit is a very crucial period. It is of great significance in Vedic astrology and studies of horoscopes. Transits of Saturn is also known as Kochar of Saturn.

Significance of Saturn Transit

Saturn is the prominent planet of our ecosystem. But the planet is also pretty eminent as a malefic planet. If the transit of Saturn is not in a good position in your horoscope, then you will have to bear heavy brunts. Saturn transit means the shift which the planet makes in its revolving arena. During the transit, the planet moves from the Sagittarius and shifts into the Capricorn zone. The transit is a prolonged activity, and it may take as long as two years. This fact makes the entire transit of Saturn a significant phenomenon in astrology and Vedic sciences. Hence, it is advised that people take the transit seriously and follow all the rituals to prevent Saturn’s wrath.

Rituals of Saturn Transit

There are a few prominent rituals which one should follow to get rid of the negative implications of Saturn. Turning the planet Saturn in favour of your horoscope will help you fetch a good number of privileges.

A special puja called Hanuman puja or hydration puja is performed to captivate the goods of the Saturn realm. The distribution of black clothes on Saturn transit is very auspicious. By donating black clothing to poor people, one can amass reasonable control over the negative implications of Saturn. It will also help in attracting only the godsends of Saturn. Devotees must offer special abhishekas and puja to Lord Neeranjanam. He helps in eradicating the harmful elements of the Saturn effect from the horoscope. Worshippers must also distribute free food to physically disabled individuals to satisfy Saturn. Performing all these rituals can combat the unfavourable aspects of Saturn. Doing the Saturn remedy program with utmost devotion will yield fruitful results for you.

Adversities of Saturn Transit

Saturn Transit is a very crucial period. But Saturn is one of the most merciless planets. If the planet is not impressed with you, you might find yourself in the utmost troubles and hardships. Astrologers state that if Saturn is negatively impeaching your horoscope, then for a while, you go through an adamant phase of life. The bane of Saturn encompasses persistent diseases, fatal legal complications in life, and continuity of gloomy days. People with problems in Saturn horoscope also suffer from catastrophic professional life and issues in mental health. These negative aspects prove that one must take enough precautions to keep the Saturn in alignment with their horoscopes; otherwise, the results can be quite uneasy.

Benefits of Saturn Transit

Saturn Transit is a golden period to appease the planet and turn it in our favour. For delighting the planet, you can conduct a Saturn program to appeal to the planet. If Saturn is in your good, then you can receive the following benefits-

  • You can get rid of all your enemies. No inferior force will hamper your path towards a happy life if Saturn is on good terms with you.
  • Saturn transit provides a gleaming opportunity to turn Saturn in our favour. When Saturn coordinates with the horoscopes, it blesses the individuals with the fruit of fulfilling their long-pending desires and aspirations.
  • People looking to bolster their professional life by seeking higher education can also gain benefit from the sun transient.
  • Blessings of a healthy and prosperous spiritual mindset.
  • People with good bondings of Saturn ascertain the advantages of stable health.

These are some of the most well-known benefits of Saturn. Earn them by performing appropriate rituals and abhishekam during Saturn transit.

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