Akshaya Tritya

Akshaya Tritya is a famous festival celebrated grandly by the Hindus and Jains all over India. It falls on Suklapaksha tithi in Tamil month of Vaisakha every year. This festival occurs in the month between April and May which is the Spring season named “Pleasant King of All Season” brings joy and abundance. Akshaya Tritya is a third lunar day of the Spring season. Akshaya Tritya is associated with abundance and prosperity. In the Name, Akshaya Tritya gives the meaning of “Money Never Ending” which gives positive hope, faith, joy, happiness.

Legacy Behind the Celebration of Akshaya Tritya

Akshaya Tritya is a famous Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This remarkable day is the appearance day of Lord Parasurarama on Earth. It is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu to destroy the evils occupied and replaces the dharma in the earth. Lord Parasurama is an important person in Mahabharath epic who teaches archery to King Karna.

Akshaya Tritiya has a legacy of Sudama attains a position of Lord of Wealth on this day. Sudama who is none other than Kuselan had a deep friendship with Lord Krishna. Due to his poverty, he was not able to satisfy his big family. So, he went to Lord Krishna palace with some snacks made from crispy rice flakes  (Aval) to get charity from Lord Krishna. But he is in dilemma whether Lord Krishna accepts his snacks and honor with a charity. At that time he was grandly welcomed by Lord Krishna and treated him well. But Sudama is not ready to ask charity from his friend when seeing his financial wealth. He returned home with distress but he saw his family members have been rejuvenated and living a regal life in royal attire. Sudama understood the magical powers of Lord Krishna and Worshipped him. Akshaya Tritya is celebrated in honor of remembering this celestial event of Lord Krishna.

Akshaya Tritya has associated with Jainism also. It remarks the day of the first Tirthankara completed his asceticism on this day by having the liquid form of sugarcane. This day is auspicious for pilgrimage Journey to Jain place called “Palitana” in Gujarat. Jains used to call this festival as “Varsha Tapa”.

Akshaya Tritya is associated with Pandavas in Mahabharatham. Pandavas are the Kings of Asthinapuram Kingdom has common wife Goddess Draupadi left his Kingdom and stayed in the forest due to the conspiracy of Duryodhana and his Uncle Sakuni. In the meantime of their exile Journey, they got “Akshaya param” which is a vessel without idleness given by Lord Krishna on this day. So Akshaya Tritya day remarks an eternal day without having diminishing property to get all prosperity.

On Akshaya Tritya Sage Vedvyasa recites Mahabharat to Lord Ganesha is significant. So this is an auspicious day to get blessings from Lord Ganesha.

Akshaya Tritya is the day when Gange’s fall on to the Earth from heaven is significant. So Worshipping Goddess Ganga to get blessings of a long life, Abundance is remarkable.

Significant days of Akshaya Tritya

Akshaya Tritya comes on Rohini Nakshatraon Monday, Wednesday is the very auspicious day to get abundance and prosperity.

Best ways of celebrating Akshaya Tritya

Peoples considered this as an auspicious day to bring wealth and prosperity. So people believed that any event starts on that day will get growing and successful.

It is believed that buying Gold on this Akshaya Tritya day will multiply never diminishes.

Akshaya Tritya is a lucky day to start the event which will get success in the future.

Akshaya Tritya is an event day dedicated to getting blessings from forefathers by offered pujas, Tharpanams in Hindu temples.

Akshaya Tritya is a perfect day to get married because of getting a healthy relationship and blessed with all wealth and prosperity in life.

Akshaya Tritya is a perfect day to give charity to poor people to spread happiness.

Akshaya Tritya is celebrated by offered prayers, observe fasting, participating in Pujas, homams, temple worship to get blessings of all the abundance and prosperity.