Bhairavi Jayanti

Bhairavi Jayanti is a great occasion that celebrates the day of Devi Bhairavi, who is the consort of Lord Bhairava. Bhairavi Devi mounts lotus flowers and lives in Kailash. Bhairavi Devi is one of the most potent and bitter forms of Kali Devi. She glorifies eternity and purity. Bhairavi Devi is renowned as the divine power that releases her dedicated devotees from the vicious cycle of birth and death. Bhairavi Jayanti falls on Margashirsha Purnima. Devi Bhairavi has many names like Tripura Bhairavi, Siddha Bhairavi, Bhubaneswar Bhairavi, Chaitanya Bhairavi, Kamleshwari Bhairavi, Kauleshwar Bhairavi, Sampadaprad Bhairavi, Kameshwari Bhairavi,

Nithya Bhairavi, Bhadra Bhairavi, Rudra Bhairavi, Tripura Bhairavi and

Shatkuta Bhairavi.

Significance of Bhairavi Jayanti

  • Bhairavi Devi is the sixth amongst ten Mahavidyas. She is a manifestation of Adi Shakti. She is a pious incarnation of goddess Shakti. The supreme goddess acquires the powers to destroy and create the world. She is worshipped in thirteen different forms by her devotees. Devi Bhairavi possesses tremendous cosmic energies and supernatural powers.
  • There is a very famous and exciting legend associated with the goddess Bhairavi. Goddess Kali once formulated a stubborn decision of disappearing from the world and decided to come back in her original form. Lord Shiva was searching for goddess kali but couldn’t discover her anywhere. He then consulted famous sage Narad Muni about her.
  • Lord Shiva directed Shiva towards the north region of Sumairu. He said that Kali Devi could only be found there. Then, Lord Shiva decided to send Narad Muni to the North part of the Sumairu to bring back Goddess Kali. He also told the sage to carry a marriage offer for Devi Kali from Shiva’s side. Narad went and found Goddess. He then instructed the proposal by Lord Shiva for her. Goddess Kali got angry on hearing it, and a mysterious shadow came from her body in resentment. The shadow was called Tripura Bhairavi. It was the day when Kali appeared as Devi Bhairavi. The day from then is celebrated as Bhairavi Jayanti.

Rituals of Bhairavi Jayanti

There are various rituals and ceremonies which take place on Bhairavi Jayanti to please the great goddess. People visit the temple of Devi Bhairavi and offer prayers and prasad to her.

They worship Devi by chanting special mantras and conducting yagyas. Some devotees also fast for the entire day to please the goddess. People also organize Bhandara and charities to please the goddess. Free food is distributed among the needy ones as a generous act. By doing all these rituals, one can amass utmost sanctity and release from worldly pleasures.

Boons of celebrating Bhairavi Jayanti

  • Worshippers can fulfil their desires by proper adoration of Goddess Bhairavi.
  • Goddess Bhairavi blesses the devotees with life-long prosperity and stability.
  • Tripura Bhairavi is known to eradicate the baggage of past life sins from the life of devotees.
  • Worshippers can boost the probability of getting success by determined idolization of Devi Tripura Bhairavi.
  • Tripura Bhairavi blesses devotees with Riddhi and Siddhi.
  • Devotees can bid farewell to all sorts of bondages and resistance by devoting concentrated blessings to Bhairavi Devi.
  • Goddess Bhairavi can help the devotees to untangle themselves from prolonged pain and sadness.

These are the great windfalls one can ascertain after the true glorification of Bhairavi Jayanti. Make sure you conduct the Bhairavi Jayanti with perfection to attain all the benefits.

This year in 2021, Bhairavi Jayanti will be on 19 December. Celebrate the grand occasion with utmost love and dedication and gain great boons of worshipping Goddess Bhairavi. Devi will bless you with happiness and spiritual powers to overcome all the challenges in life.

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