About mighty Haridra Ganapati

Sri Haridra Ganapati is one of the most effective forms of Lord Ganesha. In this form, Lord Ganesha helps in subduing the entire world. Haridra is the 21st incarnation among the 32 significant manifestations of Lord Ganapati. He bestows strength to their devotees to fight against health-related problems. ‘Harisha’ means turmeric, which alleviates many infections and ailments. Likewise, Ganesha in Haridra form soaks all the pain of devotees. Worshipping Sri Haridra Ganapati will help the devotees live a healthier and longer life. He fixes all problems that trouble the devotees.

The appearance of Lord Sri Haridra Ganapati

In the Haridra avatar, Lord Ganesha has a bright golden complexion. He is made of turmeric and adorns bright golden clothing. He sits on a majestic throne and has four hands in which he carries the following items- model, goad, his broken tusk, and a nose

Significance of Sri Haridra Ganapati Homam

This Homam of Sri Haridra Ganapati is essential to safeguard the devotee’s health.  It provides the devotees with success and prosperity. It increases their courage to fight against several diseases. Sri Haridra Ganapati Homam fulfils all the needs of the believers. It promises the devotee a healthy and wealthy life. It reduces the negative aspects in the devotee’s life.

Sri Haridra Ganapati Homam Moola Mantra 

Recite the following mantra to attain the bliss of pleasing Sri Haridra Ganapati-

“Haridhrabham chathurbhaahum haridhravadhanam prabhum

Paashaam kusha dharam devam modhakam dhantameva cha

Bhakthaa abhaya pradhaathaaram devam vigna vinaashanam

Devadevam jagadh vandham haridhraa ganapatim bhaj”

Sri Haridra Ganapati Homam

The first step in Homam is Anujnaa, in which we take approvals from mighty Lord Sri Haridra Ganapati, elders and rishis to perform Homam. Then, Aachamanam takes place and Sri Haridra Ganapati puja proceeds. The next Homam steps include Pranayama. Then, Sankalpa is taken to invoke the motive of puja. Afterwards, Kalasa Suddhi and Agni pratishthapana or fire installation, take place. Prayers to Agni are devoted. Prana pratishtapana is the next step. Then, the Sri Haridra Ganapati Mool mantra is chanted 108 times. Uttarangaam and poornahuti are performed. Meditation is performed in the glory of God. Udvaasana is the last step to culminate Homam.

Benefits of Sri Haridra Ganapati Homam

  •  Sri Haridra Ganapati Homam helps the devotees to attain success.

  • The sacred ritual helps get rid of the enemy’s wrath and rivalry.

  • The Homam of Sri Haridra Ganapati blesses the followers with the boon of a healthy life

  • This Homam brings success to the devotee’s work.

  • It rewards devotees with good luck and prosperity.

  • It brings fortune and success to business ventures.

  • Sri Haridra Homam reduces the negativity of some particular planets in the birth chart.

  • The Homam benefits the devotees to live happily and peacefully by alleviating severe diseases and other life problems.

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