About  Maha Sudarshana 

Maha Sudarshana is an influential and highly revered aspect of Lord Vishnu. In this form, he carries a powerful spiritual instrument called Sudarshana to ward off evil energies and demonic forces. Maha Sudarshana implies the disc or chakra held by the divine Lord Vishnu. It has one hundred eight serrated edges and is carried in the right hand by Lord Vishnu. Maha Sudarshana is the heavenly wheel of Lord Vishnu, which he used to kill hostile forces and enemies. The concentric circles of Maha Sudarshana portray the Sun, Lagna and Moon.

Legends linked to the Sudarshana avatar of Lord Vishnu

Maha Sudarshana acquires glorious descriptions in Vishnu Purana and other prominent Vedic texts. Sudarshana chakra is also a crucial spiritual instrument used by Lord Krishna too. ‘Su’ implies divine, and Darshana refers to vision. It is also prominently called a disc of auspicious and pious vision; Maha Sudarshana helps people locate and formulate a spiritual perception. The supreme Sudarshana acquires an important aspect called Pinda Pradanam, which gives immediate relief from all pains and hardships.

About Maha Sudarshana Homam

Maha Sudarshana Homam is an auspicious fire ritual dedicated to Lord Sudarshana, an important avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Homa ritual includes chanting slokas or mantras in the glory of the supreme deity Sudarshana. A sacred fire is lighted in the Homam, and devotional offerings to please the supreme Lord Sudarshana. It is believed that Maha Sudarshana Homam is as powerful and significant as the conduction of ten Homams.

Benefits of Maha Sudarshana Homam

Maha Sudarshana Homam draws the glorious blessings of Lord Narayana. It grants vitality to fight evil energies and enemies. It gives rise to immense wealth and bliss. It fulfils the worshipper’s life with positiveness and abundance. The Homam eradicates all the terrible energies and negative impacts from life. The extraordinary fire ritual brings revitalisation and grants sound health. It removes planetary miseries and doshas linked with the Sun, Moon and Lagna. This Homa ritual safeguards from enemies, black magic, sorcery and all negative facets.  It brings a state of fulfilment and absolute peace to devotees. It brings success in all endeavours and grants powers to accomplish remarkable feats.

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