About mighty Lord Ardhanarishvara

The imperial Lord Shiva is the most divine yet ferocious deity in the Vedic realm. He is known for his immense powers for creating and destroying the world. The Supreme Lord Shiva protects his devotees from adversities and negativity. Ardhanarishvara is one of the supreme avatars of Lord Shiva. In this aspect, he represents two primary energies of the universe-masculine and feminine. In Ardhanarishvara, Ardha means half, nari is woman, and Ishvara is Lord. Thus, Ardhanarishvara means Lord, who is half a woman. In Ardhanarishvara avatar, the Lord is Shiva, and the goddess Shakti is his wife or consort.

Legend linked to the Ardhanarishvara avatar of Lord Shiva

The legend linked to the origin of Lord Ardhanarishvara goes back to the time of the universe’s creation. After creating the universe, Lord Brahma was quite worried as there was no growth in the world. The number of humans, animals, and insects remains the same as there is no source of continual change. Lord Vishnu then asked mighty Lord Shiva to help Lord Brahma. Lord Shiva took the manifestation of Ardhanarishvara. It is believed that after this avatar, the female and male parts were segregated. Lord Brahma prayed to the feminine side of Ardhanarishvara or goddess Shakti. The goddess then created a female to accompany Lord Brahma in the further creation and sustenance of the universe.

Significance of Ardhanarishvara Homam

Ardhanarishvara Homam is performed by following excellent arrangements and precision. Its main aim is to attract the divine aura and blessings of the mighty Shiva in the Ardhanarishvara avatar. In the Homam, a mandapa is set, and rituals are performed. A fire kund is lighted to attract the vibrant and sacred aura of Lord Shiva. Fruits, flowers and a special prasad are offered to Lord Ardhanarishvara. Mantra, stotra and chanting of important legends is also a crucial part of this Homam.

Boons of Ardhanarishvara Homam

Ardhanarishvara Homam brings the blessings of the supreme Lord Shiva in his Ardhanarishvara avatar. It glorifies life with spiritual awakening and peace.The pious ritual fulfils life with bliss, joy and immense happiness. It brings streams of abundance and financial prosperity.  The sacred fire Homam brings harmony and happiness to families. It helps attain salvation and also helps in eliminating the vicious cycle of birth and death. It aids in achieving boons of happy and healthy marriage life.

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