Varalakshmi stands as a highly significant and prominent incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi. She is the deity honored on the 8th day following a new moon during the Masi month (February-March). This eight-day festival is observed across South India, with particular enthusiasm in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The day signifies the culmination of eight days of fasting and devotion.

The name Varalakshmi originates from two terms: “varam,” meaning ‘wealth,’ and “aalaki,” signifying ‘mother.’ While “vara” denotes a mother who bestows wealth upon her children, “aalaki” represents ‘mother earth’ who provides us with nourishment. The essence of this name conveys that both of these entities are akin to our Lord’s nurturing essence, worthy of worship on this day.

Varalakshmi embodies a motherly figure who offers immense care and affection without expecting anything in return. Her presence exudes tranquility and concord in life. Within mythological history, she ranks among the most potent deities. Sincere devotion to her brings honor and happiness to one’s household.

Significance of Varalakshmi Puja and Homam

Performing Varalakshmi puja and Homam is believed to capture the bliss of Mahalakshmi, the eighth sacred form of Goddess Lakshmi. Devotees are bestowed with the blessings of the revered Aadi Lakshmi, the Guardian of her followers. Attaining the bliss of Dhana Lakshmi, renowned as the Goddess of Wealth, becomes possible. Nurturing the blessings of Dhairya Lakshmi, the embodiment of Courage, and embracing the prosperity of Sowbhagya Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, are within reach.

Receiving the victorious blessings of Vijaya Lakshmi, the Goddess of Victory, is also attainable. Zealous boons from Dhanya Lakshmi, the Goddess of Nourishment, can be earned. Experiencing the joy of Santana Lakshmi, the Goddess of Progeny, is a possibility. Likewise, righteous blessings from Vidhya Lakshmi, known as the Goddess of Wisdom, can be achieved. The celebration of this Homam involves invoking the eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi. The Varalakshmi Homa ritual and puja are observed with immense warmth and happiness, evoking a sense of joy and ecstasy among the devotees.

Boons of Varalakshmi Puja and Homam

Goddess Varalakshmi embodies financial prosperity. Through dedicated pursuit of Varalakshmi puja and homam, one can cultivate stability in the economic sphere. Existing debts will diminish, leading to a joyful and prosperous life. Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings will bestow unparalleled wealth and fortune. Engaging in the Varalakshmi Homa ritual brings lasting happiness and abundance to devotees. Goddess Lakshmi enhances the consciousness, vitality, and knowledge of worshippers.

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