Bhadra Kali is one of the respected goddesses who brings glory to life.  Divinity Bhadra Kali is the one who brings endless fortune and bliss. She is the one who protects her devotees against all odds. Bhadra is one of the terrifying yet divine aspects of the goddess Kali.

Bhadra Kali is not only one of the most destructive but also the famous avatar of the goddess Kali. She discovers a glorious description in Mahabharata- the most remarkable epic. She also finds significance in Vayu and Shiva Purana. The origin of the goddess Bhadra Kali is linked to the commanding Lord Shiva. She took manifestation from the matted and dense locks of Lord Shiva. The mighty Shiva ordered Bhadra Kali to protect Veerabhadra from Lord Vishnu’s wrath.

Significance of Goddess Bhadra Kali Maha Kalikambal 

Bhadra Kali represents a formidable avatar of Mother Parvati. Nestled in Chennai’s southern tip lies a temple where she’s revered as Kalika or Kalikambal. This deity once recognized for her fierce demeanor as Bhadra Kali, gracefully evolved into the milder Kalikambal, a reflection of Goddess Kamakshi. At this site, she mirrors Kamakshi’s benevolence and is often called Kottai Amman, Chenniamman, or ‘Neithal Nila’ Kamakshi.

Artistically portrayed, she is seated in the Artha Padmasana position. Her four arms clutch the Pasam, a symbol of restraint, and the Angusam, a prod or spur. Below her, the Ardha Meru holds a special place, having been blessed by the revered Sri Adi Shankara. Sharing her divine presence is Lord Kamateswarar, housed in his own sacred space as a Shiva Linga. He is believed to be responsive to sincere devotions.

Historically, the temple caught the attention of Emperor Shivaji, marking his visit with reverence. The temple’s aura inspired the illustrious poet Bharathiyar, who dedicated the hymn ‘Yaadumagi Nindrai Kali’ to the goddess.

Bhadra Kali Homam is one of the most promising ways to attain the pious blessings of Goddess Bhadra Kali. In this Homam, a fire kund or sacrificial fire is lighted. Proficient priests chant verses, mantras, and slokas to admire Goddess Bhadra Kali and perform other rituals.

Boons of Goddess Bhadra Kali Maha Kalikambal Homam

Goddess Bhadra Kali Maha Kalikambal Homam brings goddess Kali’s blessings. The Homam brings auspiciousness and fortune to life.

This fire ritual embellishes life with material boons, prosperity, and glory. This Homam grants salvation and liberation from all the bondages. It fulfills the devotee’s life with peace and stability. All the factors that bind happiness and stability stay away from this Homam.

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