The Sri Arka Ganapati Homam is a powerful ritual dedicated to Lord Ganesha in his potent form known as Sri Arka Ganapati. This sacred practice is designed to reduce struggles, bring relief, and increase success in the lives of devotees.

About mighty Sri Arka Ganapati

Sri Arka Ganapati, with his benevolent presence, acts as a remover of obstacles, enabling devotees to lead joyous and fulfilling lives. In this form, Lord Ganesha compassionately absorbs the pain and suffering of his devotees, offering them solace and comfort.

Arka Ganapathi is one of the rarest and purest forms of Lord Ganesh found on earth. It’s also known as Shwetark Ganapathi or Vellai Erukku Vinayagar (in Tamil). This unique form is crafted from the natural root of the Arka shrub. The Arka plant has green-blue leaves and tiny, fragrance-free flowers, which are also used to make garlands for Lord Ganesh.

According to the Ganesh Purana, households that worship Arka Ganapathi are believed to be protected from all evils. Lord Ganapathi is said to reside in the Mooladhara Chakra, and the roots of the Arka plant are given to women during childbirth to ease their pain and ensure a safe delivery. By performing the Sri Arka Ganapati Homam, devotees invoke divine blessings that lead to prosperity and triumph in various aspects of life. This sacred ritual bestows success and abundance, nurturing a positive and prosperous journey for the devotees.

Significance of Sri Arka Ganapati Homam

Sri Arka Ganapati Homam is the most significant Homam as it reduces the struggles of the devotees. It blesses them with the utmost serenity, peace, and happiness.  Through this Homam, devotees can achieve their targets effortlessly. This Homam of Sri Arka Ganapati empowers the followers to conquer their fears and problems.

Process of Sri Arka Ganapati Homam

The first step in Homam is Anujnaa, in which we take approvals from mighty Lord Sri Arka Ganapati, elders, and rishis to perform Homam. Then, Aachamanam takes place, and Sri Arka Ganapati puja proceeds. The next Homam steps include Pranayama. Then, Sankalpa is taken to invoke the motive of puja. Afterward, Kalasa Suddhi and Agni pratishthapana or fire installation take place. Prayers to Agni are devoted. In this homam, the leaves of the Arka plant are devoted to Lord Sri Arka Ganapati.  Prana pratishtapana is the next step. Then, the Sri Arka Ganapati Mool mantra is chanted 108 times. Uttarangaam and poornahuti are performed. Meditation is performed in the glory of God. Udvaasana is the last step to culminate Homam.

Boons of Sri Arka Ganapati Homam

The Sri Arka Ganapati Homam is a guiding light for devotees, helping them easily fight life’s challenges. It diminishes struggles and leads to a happy, healthy life. By accomplishing this Homam, devotees open doors to abundant happiness and prosperity with blessings from Sri Arka Ganapati’s divine energies. It empowers them to face problems with courage and determination. The sacred ritual assists in overcoming hurdles and reaching new heights of success. This powerful and uplifting experience leaves devotees feeling empowered and ready to face life’s challenges. If you seek happiness, prosperity, and the strength to overcome obstacles, Sri Arka Ganapati Homam is the way to go!

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