Homam – A powerful ancient technique to achieve your goals

Success, happiness, achievements, fame, wealth and pleasures that you seek or enjoy in your life are the result of your deeds or actions. However,the nature of life is such that though you may have complete control over your actions, you cannot have control over the results. Various outer forces and factors influence and determine the results of your actions. This is a day-to-day fact in the life of each and everyone of us.

The ancient seers have understood this so well that they have prescribed various tools, techniques and remedies to help you fulfill your different needs, goals and aspirations. Homam is one such powerful technology to ensure that the results of your actions are fruitful and all your dreams are realised.

What is Homam?

Homam(also called as Yagna or Haven) is a concentrated fire ritual offered to various Gods or Goddesses for achieving your desired goal(Sankalpa). Designed by the ancient seers of the Vedic times, Homam is an intensive way of invoking different Gods and Goddesses through fire, mantras, and oblations. Depending upon your Sankalpa or your problems, the deity of the Homam is chosen or recommended.

Why Homam?

Although the radio waves are present everywhere, you have to tune your radio to a particular wavelength to listen your favourite music , isn’t it? Similarly, though God is present is everywhere, Homam acts an instrument to procure the blessings and grace of God so that your wishes, needs and desires are successfully realised.

How does Homam work?

Indian spirituality has acknowledged the manifestation of gods and goddesses as the embodiment of different aspects of life. For example, Lord Ganesha is the embodiment of actions, and Lakshmi Devi is the embodiment of wealth and prosperity. So worshipping a particular manifestation of a God/Godess helps you achieve a particular purpose.

Homam accelerates this process. The mantras and prayers chanted before fire and oblations offered unto it are transformed into ether and is taken to the particular God/Godess invoked during the Homam. Thereby, the deity is pleased and grants your wishes.

Are performing Homam beneficial?

Definitely yes! The greatness and significance of Homam are extolled in the ancient Indian scriptures. Awsawamedha Yagna and PuthraKamesti Yagna find a prominent place in both the great epics—Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

Homam has the power to energise the environment by creating positive vibrations and  and uplift everyone who are witnessing the ritual. This is one of the immediate benefits that can be experienced just by participating in a Homam.

However, the maximum benefits and goodness of a Homam can be realised only if it is  performed as prescribed by the scriptures under the guidance of a learned Vedic pundit.

Why Vedic Folks?

Our professional and experienced Vedic Purohits at Vedic Folks ensure that maximum care is taken to conduct a Homam in accordance with the scriptures. Right from procuring the materials that are needed for the ritual to choosing the best time and place for conducting the Homam, our Vedic scholars make sure that you will enjoy the  benefits and reap all the goodness of performing a Homam.’

Performing Yajna/ Homam Once a month is recommended in this age of destructions and accummulations of higher sins knowingly or unknowingly. What are you waiting for ?

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