About Nava Avatar Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is one of the most revered and admired godheads. He is prominent for his immense courage and strength. His will and dedication to bring evil deeds and negative energies makes him the most powerful deity.  He discovers glorious elaboration in well-known epics, including Ramayana and Mahabharata, and is a notable deity in several other Puranas and sacred texts. The supreme Hanuman is renowned for being the greatest admirer of Lord Rama.

Mighty Hanuman is also known as Chiranjeevi or who absorbs all the pains and sufferings and grants liberation from all diseases and disorders. Lord Hanuman is a supreme manifestation of the mighty Shiva. He has nine major incarnations, also known as nava avatars. All the nine vital avatars of Lord Hanuman are powerful, omnipotent and immensely resilient. They are cherished and worshipped with absolute dedication and perseverance to bring immense harmony and bliss to life.

Nine Avatars of Lord Hanuman

Prasanna Hanuman- A peaceful avatar of Lord Hanuman which assists in shattering misfortunes and helps gain liberation and salvation.

Veera Hanuman- A powerful aspect of Lord Hanuman which bestows courage and resilience to fight evils and enemies.

Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman-  A supreme manifestation of Lord Hanuman who empowers with power and vitality.

Panchamukha Hanuman- A unique avatar of Lord Hanuman with five heads, grants relief from sorcery and evil forces.

Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman-  Mighty Lord Hanuman’s embodiment with eighteen arms. He symbolises courage and perseverance.

Suvarchala Sahita Hanuman - He brings immense abundance and prosperity into lives.

Chaturbhuja Hanuman- The mighty Lord Hanuman’s manifestation with four arms, known for nurturing bliss and peace in life.

Dwatrimshath-Bhuja Hanuman- He amasses 32 arms loaded with 32 powerful weapons. He is a supreme aspect of various kalpas.

Vanarakara Hanuman - In this avatar, Lord Hanuman imparts relief from acute to severe ailments.


Significance of Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam


Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam is an auspicious fire ritual to captivate the glorious energies of nine great avatars of Lord Hanuman. In this Homam, a full-fledged setup is arranged by lightning and sacrificial fire. The mantras are chanted, and special proceedings take place to please the nine manifestations of Lord Hanuman.


Boons of Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam


Following are a few most important advantages of Nava Avatar Homam-


  • Nava Avatar Homam brings immense harmony, joy and bliss to life.

  • The Homam assists in the eradication of doshas and imbalances linked with Saturn and Mars planets.

  • It blesses with financial boons and bolsters the overall development of devotees.

  • The Homam assists in warding off negativity, bad fortune, evil energies and destructive forces.

  • The Homam brings vitality and courage to fight negative incidents and catastrophes more successfully.

  • It brings immense peace, tranquillity and serenity to life.


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Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam is a  highly promising and important ritual. It brings an aura of happiness and rejuvenation in life by attracting the glorious blessings of nine supreme manifestations of Lord Hanuman. We are your ally in the execution of Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam. We have proficient priests and suitable arrangements to arrange the pious rituals for you at your end. Hurry up! Subscribe to Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam with us and unveil remarkable advantages.


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