Navagraha Homam is a highly beneficial and pious Homam that assists in pleasing the nine major planets of the solar system and their respective deities. Navagraha Homam is a full-fledged process in which yagyas are executed to please the planets by lighting the fire kund, chanting mantras and worshipping all the planets with ultimate dedication. Planets are the celestial bodies that play a crucial part in horoscopes and birth charts. Their influence should be constructive otherwise there will be disturbing effects in life. The new year is the most optimistic time of the year and is the perfect time for beginning new ventures. If you want to make your new year more promising and relieving for you then Navagraha Homam can do wonders for you.


The implication and benefits of nine planets


Nine planets play a vital role in life and horoscope. They decide the fortune and fate of people and lives. Following is a brief description of important roles played by nine planets-


Sun- It guards the health and affluence part of life.

Moon- This planet boosts the probability of success and assists in achieving great feats.

Mercury- Guards equity and knowledge linked aspects.

Mars- It blesses with wisdom and health.

Jupiter- Safeguards intellect, education and knowledge aspects.

Venus- Bestows with proficiency in artistic areas.

Saturn- Reinforces bliss, detachment and self-awareness.

Rahu- Protects from evil energies and enemies granting stability to life.

Ketu- Strengthens fortune, health, abundance and wealth.


Sometimes because of certain afflictions and doshas, these major planets result in bitter effects instead of positive influence. Navagraha Homam is thus most ideal for the devotees as they demolish all the negative effects of planets and also captivate the favourable aspects of all the planets.


Boons of Navagraha Homam 


Navagraha Homam is an auspicious fire ritual that embellishes life with the positive aspects and blessings of the nine major planets. Here are a few prominent benefits of Navagraha Homam-


  • Navagraha Homam assists in pleasing the nine major planets of the solar system and attracts their benefits.

  • The Homam nullifies the effect of past life actions and the influence of negative karma.

  • It brings intellect, wisdom and all-around development in life.

  • The Homam eradicates the catastrophic effects of shadow planets- Ketu and Rahu.

  • The Homam brings happiness and rejuvenation by attracting pious bliss in life.

  • The fire ritual brings the blessings of the deities linked with these planets and fulfils life with their righteous blessings.

  • It brings abundance and harmony in life bringing massive fortune.

  • The Homam removes all the doshas and afflictions linked with nine planets.

  • This Homam brings peace and immense stability in life cherishing the cycle of life with momentum and grace.


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