Rahu and Ketu Planets 

Rahu is an imaginary and shadow planet that plays a pivotal role in the astrological and zodiac realm. The negative placement of this planet in the birth chart introduces pains and worries in a devotee’s life. The harmful effects of this planet include delays in tasks and hindrances in the path to success. Ketu is also an imaginary planet that causes harmful effects like the Rahu planet. If its placement in the birth or natal chart is in the wrong alignment, it invites many troubles in life. If it is in good alignment that it helps attract stability, fame and prosperity. Its poorer alignment hampers the path to salvation, bliss and happiness.

Story of Rahu and Ketu planets

The origin of Rahu and Ketu took place from the Samudra manthan or the great churning of the ocean. When this event took place, an elixir of immortality emerged from the ocean. There took place a brutal fight between devas and asuras on that elixir. There took place the division of devas and asuras camps for distribution of immortality nectar.

Lord Vishnu appeared as Mohini to distribute the elixir. Devas made a strategy that they would finish all the elixir before it reached the Asuras camp. Swarbhanu got to know this planning, and he then entered the devas camp in disguise of a deva. He came and had a seat between Lord Chandra and Lord Sun. Soon the devas decoded Swarbhanu’s trick, and Lord Vishnu attacked him with his imperial weapon- Sudarshana chakra.

Swarbhanu already had the immortal nectar, which made him half immortal. After Lord Vishnu’s attack, his head survived and was divided into two parts- Rahu and Ketu. Since then, Rahu and Ketu emerged as two imaginary planets that lead to stress and negativity in horoscopes.

Significance of Rahu and Ketu Homam

Rahu and Ketu Homam acquire immense significance as it acquires a powerful calibre to shut down all the adverse effects and nurture life with only positivity. A fire kund is lighted, and a special puja ceremony takes place to please the shadow planets- Rahu and Ketu. Silver snakes which demonstrate Rahu and Ketu planets, are worshipped in this Homam. The fire ritual includes chanting of Rahu and Ketu mantra and chanting important stories that attract only the positive benefits of these planets.

Boons of Rahu and Ketu Homam

Rahu and Ketu Homam bring numerous advantages to the devotees. Following are a few crucial windfalls of Rahu and Ketu Homam-

  • Rahu and Ketu Homam blesses with immense harmony and abundance.

  • It nurtures life with only peace and stability.

  • The fire ritual assists in shattering the adverse effects of dark planets Rahu and Ketu.

  • It eliminates negativity and darkness from life, bringing only glory and illumination.

  • It brings immense financial boons and prosperity to devotees.

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