Jupiter Transit-What’s on Cards for you this year?

Jupiter, the ruler of the intellect, transits from the Moon Sign Gemini to Cancer on the 19th of June. There is a saying that goes “1 view from the Guru demolishes a thousand sins”. The good luck bestowing planet casts its own good and bad effects on everyone during his transit. He covers all the 12 moon signs in 12 years’ time and showers every native with 1 year of super beneficial effects every year.

This year, his transit on the 19th of June is about to bring a lot of positive and challenging effects on every human being, and this blog is a piece of awareness or prediction to each moon sign native, so that he/she can plan their future for this transit period and look towards a better pathway in life.

Here’s your personalized Jupiter transit effect for the year 2014:

Jupiter Transit 2014

Jupiter Transit 2014

Here’s a brief of effects for the most “to-be-influenced” Moon Signs:


Lord Jupiter will shower you with the maximum benefits this time in your 2nd house. You will accumulate wealth or do beneficiary things in your life.


You will have a relief from the sade sati which was testing your life to pieces. Saturn, during this Jupiter transit will prove to be relieving to you. All the tests and justifications in life are just over and you will be on the top in terms of peace and happiness, both in your personal life and with your family.


During this transit, all your half-done wishes will come to the limelight. You will be able to achieve a lot of half-way-through tasks and will realize your dreams coming into reality. This transit will prove to be lucky to you in terms of achieving your long seen dreams.


This is the time, you will learn about balancing your life on equal scales. Lord Jupiter along with Lord Saturn will teach you certain principles in life, which might exhaust you off money and health. You might need to keep an eye on your parents’ health and your professional life might seem a little off the track. Concentration and focus is what you require during this testing time to prosper in life. However, good effects are in store for you very soon. You will learn to dedicate yourself towards social causes.