What’s on the cards for me during this Jupiter Transit from 19th June 2014?

Favourable Rashis :

  • MithunaRasi – Exalted Jupiter in the 2nd house
  • Karkataka Rasi – Exalted Jupiter in the 1st  house ( Like Lord Sri Rama )
  • KanyaRasi— Exalted Jupiterin the11th house
  • VrischikaRasi – Exalted Jupiterin the 9th house
  • MakaraRasi – Exalted Jupiter in the7th house
  • MeenaRasi – Exalted Jupiterin the5th house
Moon Sign Jupiter in house Effect Remarks
Mesha 4 Good Happiness from Mother, Property, home and education
Vrishabha 3 Bad Health issues
Mithuna 2 Excellent Money and Wealth Flow
Karkataka 1 Very Good Upliftment of social and financial status
Simha 12 Bad Heavy Expenditures. Be Careful in giving out your money as heavy expense leaks were indicated
Kanya 11 Very Good Great Material Benefits
Thula 10 Mixed Advancement and Recognition
Vrishchika 9 Good ( From June’14 to Nov’14). Insight and wisdom
Dhanush 8 Highly Challenging with Sade Sati coming from November Be careful with your health. Be confident in this Bad period
Makara 7 Very Good Appreciation and Reward to your work
Kumbha 6 Bad Challenges to face with Enemies everywhere. Be careful about debts
Meena 5 Excellent Lucrative period
Childrens will do well in their studies and career front

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