Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse is a remarkable manifestation that frequently occurs in our ecosystem. It is generally defined as the time when the moon shifts into the dark shadow of Earth. It is a significant celestial event. When the intense dark shadow of the earth overtakes the sun’s energies. And, the moon cannot reflect the sun’s light, it is widely known as a lunar eclipse. For Lunar Eclipse to occur, Sun, Earth, and the moon must be aligned quite intimately. The most fundamental fact linked with Lunar Eclipse is that it can only occur on a full moon day.

Significance of Lunar Eclipse

  • A lunar eclipse is undoubtedly a magnificent circumstance. There are generally varied Lunar Eclipses that take place in our ecosystem. A cumulative lunar eclipse occurs when the earth entirely shadow bans the moon’s energies.
  • A partial lunar eclipse is the one in which there is a fine alignment between the sun, earth, and moon. But, the earth tends to carry away a part of the moon. Another kind of eclipse is the penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Only a faint outer part of the earth takes away the moon, and shadow bans it. It is pretty challenging to observe the penumbral lunar eclipse’s effect because a very fragile and light part of the earth takes part in it. One of the most substantial components of the Lunar Eclipse is the appearance of a blood-red coloured moon. It occurs when the earth refrains the sun’s energies from making a path towards the moon. The earth’s surface reflects all the light coming towards the moon. And, the slight amount of light that reaches the moon is reddish and is very insignificant because of the shattering impact.
  • The legends say that the first-ever Lunar Eclipse was observed and reported in China long back in 2134 BC. The prominent Bible has also confirmed the presence of the Lunar Eclipse in its time. In India, earlier, there was a very weird stance linked with the occurrences of Lunar Eclipses.
  • The renowned notions say that the Lunar Eclipse takes place because of diabolical dragons. People started developing fear because they ascertained that dragons present their intense anger in the form of the Lunar Eclipse.

Rituals of Lunar Eclipse

  • There are a good number of traditions followed on the Lunar Eclipse, particularly in India. People take a holy dip in water to prevent the catastrophic impacts of the Lunar Eclipse.
  • The believers take a bath before or after the eclipse passage, but they prohibit bathing during the Lunar Eclipse. People offer dedicated prayers to Lord Vishnu and Shiva at the event.
  • They chant mantras and present their dedication to the supreme godheads. People avoid eating anything during the Lunar Eclipse. To protect the prepared meals, they put tulsi leaves into them because of their healing and sacred nature. People also avoid the intake of water during the Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse.

Boons of Lunar Eclipse

One of the most pivotal benefits of Lunar Eclipses is that it brings optimistic energies. The event carries away the bad vibes which bring pessimism. It is believed that Lunar Eclipse holds up such pious energies which reflect the true intent of our lives. It acts as a reflection day and bestows us with a golden opportunity to introspect ourselves. Generally, we should repent our sins on this day and promise that we will perform only good deeds in life.

These are some of the most prominent boons of the Lunar Eclipse occurrence. Observe the fabulous day with intense determination and ascertain all these miraculous windfalls.

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