New Year

New Year is the time when a year completes its round and the following year commences. The beginning of the new calendar remarks the New Year. According to the distinguished Gregorian Calendar, the New Year begins on January 1. It is the day when people celebrate life, make new resolutions and work on their forthcoming commitments.

Significance of New Year

There are various reasons which justify the festivity of New year on January 1. Earlier, March 25 and December 25 were the beginning dates of the calendar and not January 1. A Roman King altered the Roman Republican Calendar and made January the starting month of March’s year. He did this because January month resembled a great King called Janus’s name. Julius Caesar also followed the January 1 as starting year’s pattern and included it in the Julian Calendar. The Gregorian calendar also accepted January 1 as the new year’s marker in 1582. Gradually, all the countries across the planet accepted January month as the starter of the year. These rationales are the basis behind the rampage of New Year on January 1.

Rituals of New Year

  • There are various rituals followed on the New Year across the world. In every country, different rituals take place on this day. In the United States region, there takes place a fascinating tradition.
  • The massive ball is dropped at Times Square in New York. In India, people also organize grand abhishekam, pujas and homes and bestow prayers to god before beginning their new year.
  • In Spain, netizens bolt down the grapes before midnight of the new year and embody hopes and desires. Grand feasts of ring-shaped cakes are organized in the Netherlands, ascertaining that the upcoming year will be filled with joys and hopes. Different rituals underline the celebrations of New Year across the world. But the happiness and joy of the fresh year remain common in the entire universe.
  • New Year’s day is celebrated by decorating houses and doing parties. People visit temples and churches, and other places of worship to devote thanks to god. People celebrate the beautiful occasion by cooking good food and engaging in charitable events. Fireworks and get-togethers take place on New Year.

Boons of New Year

  • There are a good number of windfalls of the New Year. It is the new and fresh time to begin a new venture. Those who want to attain incredible feats in life must begin their new year by laying out full-fledged planning of future endeavours.
  •  One of the most significant benefits of the New Year is that it procures a fresh time. The happiness and hopes are high at this time, and whatever undertakings we begin can be fulfilled appropriately and with sheer precision.  Another pivotal benefit of a new year is that it is the time when we can bid adieu to all the problems and begin things from the new end.
  • New Year is the harbinger of hope and happiness. It is the best time to give up all our bad habits and hold a string of new and good habits. New Year is a beautiful time as it nurtures hope and presents stability to do good in life. It is the period when we can leave the baggage of last year’s mistake and begin things with more agility. New Year is also the perfect term to make new commitments and improve the productivity rate in life. The fresh year brings the wave of resilience, consensus and concrete will to achieve something. New Year helps us in weaving hopes and beginning things with more agility and vitality.

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