Pisces horoscope 2017


Symbol is pair of fish and it is the 12th sign of the Zodiac calendar. The sign signifies journey towards salvation. You are selfless, spiritual, focused, idealistic, at times live in fantasy world, compassionate, if poked can be harsh, possess extraordinary intuition, carefree, generous, do not follow rules, emotional, enjoy music and poetry, charming, intelligent, independent, brave, practical, charitable, creative and excel in performing arts, physics and medicine is suitable, inspiring, optimistic, confident, humble, gentle, calm, focused. Pisces are compatible with scorpio and cancer natives. Pisces born are romantic, dreamy, are great poets with free flow of poetry coming naturally and spontaneously, spiritual and sometimes detached, believe in peace and harmony, avoid arguments, agitations, confrontations, caring, loving, loyal, make wonderful parents for their children, tolerant, respectful, forgiving.


You will keep excellent health during the year 2017.
You are born under the symbol fish and ruled by element water.
You need to eat foods that are good for their blood, liver and brain, which would include beef, liver, onions, whole grain cereals, prunes, lemons, oranges, apples, grapes, spinach and lamb. Pisces born have a tendency for excessive eating and tend to put weight and bloating and you need to keep a watch on sodium intake, cut down on table salt and use spices instead. You have a delicate physical structure and are susceptible to disorders of feet and blood circulation. You can catch cold and running nose if drench in rain and should be careful.
Please go for your morning walk daily for 10 kms to keep sugar and cholesterol levels under control. Take lot of warm water as and when possible. Take green leafy vegetables and fruits. Intake of fruit juices will help keep you full of vigour, fresh and improve your stamina. Noni juice helps remove toxins from the body and should be taken with lots of water the whole day for best results.

Career and profession

You will enjoy a great year in your profession and career. All your plans and goals will be achieved. Projects and projections will be completed on time. Customers and management will be all smiles. Promotions/increments/performance bonus will come your way. Businessmen will have a wonderful year with excellent sales, great income, high profits and high margins and all payments will be realized comfortably. Cash flow will be in excess.

Finance and property

Strong finances, steady income, surplus cash in hand. All expenses will be met easily. Please put the surplus cash in savings for a secure future in bank deposits, post office deposits, national savings scheme, government bonds, public provident fund and LIC premiums. Please avoid speculation in the stock market especially intraday trading of stocks. Windfall gains in the first quarter of the year with inherited property for some. Purchase of new vehicles for some during the beginning of the year. Sale of property can be done with good gains. Purchase of property will yield appreciation in the long term.


Peace in the office. Happiness and joy in the family with outstation pleasure trip with family. All travel expenses will be met comfortably.


1.    Donate to Brahmins on Thursdays
2.    Take bath in sea as and when possible
3.    Feed fish with fodder in temple tanks
4.    Feed Temple elephants as and when possible
5.    Make a trip to Guruvayoor
6.    HOMAM
Please perform the Tripura Sundari Homam – please contact us at vedicfolks.com for the specialized homam