Capricorn horoscope 2017

Capricorn, the upward climbing, always forward moves Mountain Goat, represents the 10th Sign of the Zodiac. You are responsible, hard worker, calm, unperturbed and cold to adverse situations, meticulous, persistent, productive, quality conscious, confident, prodigious, sincere, soft hearted, blessed with deep wisdom, understanding, stable in thought and action, disciplined, slow and steady, patient, practical, achievers, stable, committed, loyal, caring, duty bound and virtuous.
Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Characteristics: Kind, Feminine and Detached
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Detriment: The Moon
Exaltation: Mars
Fall: Jupiter
Symbol: The Mountain Goat
The Symbol Denotes: Shyness, capacity to stay focused and reaches goals.
Birthstone: Dark Sapphire, Black pearl,
Birth Colours: Black, Indigo
Lucky Colours: Puce, Silver, Ultramarine Blue
Lucky Day: Saturday
Associated Flowers and Plants: Evergreen, Sturdy Plants, Bamboo, Marigold, Mountain Flowers, Wild Flowers
Quality most Needed for Balance: Warmth, Spontaneity, a Sense of Fun
Deepest needs: To manage, take charge and administrate
Compatible Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo.
Anatomy: Capricorn corresponds to: Knee joints and the patella bone joints; skeleton; knee muscles; nerves in the knee; arteries in the knees; veins running through the knees.
Positive Qualities: Wise, Dignified, Cautious, Practical, Thoughtful, Diplomatic, Profound, Positive, Ambitious, Focused, Magnetic.
Negative Qualities: Nervous, Jealous, Selfish, Suspicious, Authoritative, Gloomy, and Prone to Depression and Discontent.


You will keep excellent health throughout the year. You are susceptible to cold and arthritis and should take food supplements in consultation with a qualified doctor. Nutritious food such as figs, spinach, milk, citrus fruits, eggs, cereals, whole wheat breads, almonds, brown rice and fish are suggested for you. This Sign rules bones and teeth, and your food should include some calcium-rich foods like dairy, sardines and dark leafy greens. Please go for daily morning walk for 10 kms everyday to keep sugar and cholesterol under control. Do patanjali yogasanas combining with pranayama to feel fresh and relaxed. Intake of fresh juices will give you extra vigour and stamina and help remove toxins from the system. Take warm water as and when possible. Boiled oats with almonds is advised for breakfast and just fruits and milk for dinner – as and when possible if not every day.

Career and profession

Everything will go smoothly in the career front. It will be a pleasure attending office with all plans and goals being achieved. Customers will be happy. Suppliers will be supportive. Management will be encouraging. Businessmen will have good overseas sales during the beginning of the year, good profits with good margins and payments will come easily. All backlogs in payments will be cleared.

Finance and property

Finances will be comfortable. Enough money to meet all expenses. Some of you will purchase vehicles during the first quarter of the year. Savings should be done for a secure future. Travel expenses will be met comfortably. Sale of property can be done in the first quarter of the year and will be profitable. Purchase of property can be done after September 2017.


You will enjoy peace and happiness within the family. You will get the co-operation of your colleagues and encouragement of the management in office.


1.    Make a trip to Tirunallar Shani Bhagwan Temple, near Karaikal, Tamilnadu or Pune Shani Bhagwan Temple any Saturday and follow the temple rituals and customs and perform them
2.    Make a trip to Tirupathi Tirumala on any Saturday and take blessings of Lord of the 7 hills
3.    Visit Hanuman Temples on Saturdays and offer betel leaves, thulasi, butter and flowers
4.    Help handicapped children
5.    Keep square silver piece in your purse
6.    Make a visit to Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Kancheepuram
7.    HOMAM
Perform Bhuvaneshwari homam for health, wealth and prosperity in life