Sagittarius horoscope 2017




Sagittarius has symbol of archers and is the 9th Sign of the Zodiac calendar. They are fun loving, travelers, adventurers, seekers of truth, have a spirit of inquiry, relentless, practical, restless, curious, explorers, upfront, talkative, wise, realistic, candid, frank, possess good communication skills, investigators, discovers, inventors, knowledgable through experience. They show interest in philosophy, religion, mysticism, occult and medicine. They are free birds and love freedom, cheerful, loveable nature, responsible, trustworthy. Professions suitable are media, arts, teaching, research and advisers. They are restless and resent confinement.


Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable, flexible
Characteristics: Masculine, Positive
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Symbol: An Archer, with half man and half horse body
The Symbol denotes: Positive outlook and an open-minded and generous disposition
Birthstone: Topaz, Amethyst
Birth Colours: Blue, Dark Blue
Lucky colours : Yellow, Yellow-Orange, Black, Indigo
Flowers and Plants: Asparagus, Dandelions, Carnations, Pink Coloured Flowers
Compatible Signs: Aries, Leo
Best sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships: Gemini
Anatomy that Sagittarius corresponds to: The sacrum and the sciatic nerve that proceeds down from it, energising the upper and back parts of the legs, the hips and the thighs; the sacrum and tibia bones; muscles in the thighs and buttocks; and arteries and veins serving the thighs and buttocks.
Positive Qualities: Sincere, Truthful, Fair, Generous, Far-Sighted, Philosophical, Reliable, Self-Dependent, Energetic, Jovial, Intelligent.
Negative Qualities: Boastful, Over-Confident, Brash, Unpredictable, Blunt, Aggressive, Inflexible, Inconsistent, Casual.




You will enjoy good health this year. Please take lot of water to bring down the heat in the body. Suitable for you are beetroots, tomatoes, plums, chicken, fish, prunes, apples, oats, raw eggs, strawberries, skin of fruits and vegetables, dates, cherries, green beans, soya and corn. Strictly avoid alcohol as you are prone liver disorders .Daily early morning walk for 10 kms will keep sugar and cholesterol under control. Learn and practice patanjali yoga and pranayama. Take lot of fresh fruit juices to improve vigour and stamina. Take noni juice to remove toxins from your body. Keep your dinner light with just milk and fruits. You may injure yourself and fracture your bones.


Career and Profession


Your career and profession will be excellent for the year. You can expect promotion/increment/performance bonus. Your hard work, sincerity, dedication, honesty, talents and skill will be recognized and suitably rewarded. Your enemies will feel jealous at your progress and growth and try to bring bad name to your reputation but will be unsuccessful. Businessmen will do well with steady sales, steady income and steady profits with good margins. Payments will also come steadily.


Finance and property


Finances will be strong and steady. Surplus money in hand envisaged and put them into savings for a secure future. You can purchase property anytime during the year before September 2017. Sale of property in February 2017 will bring high gains. Travel expenses for pilgrimage and holiday outstation trip will be easily met.




Relationship with spouse will see ups and downs during the year. You need to show patience, maturity and wisdom to ease tense situations. Stress and strain within the family indicated with misunderstandings and arguments. In the office front also, you need to be diplomatic to maintain cordial relations with colleagues and laborers.




1.    Donate to Brahmins on Thursdays
2.    Listen to or chant the Rudram daily early morning after bath
3.    Feed monkeys as and when possible
4.    Take a dip in the holy ganges river anytime during the year
5.    Make a trip to Alangudi, near Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu and take the blessings of Lord Dakshinamurthy and offer flowers and yellow vastram – do annadanam outside the temple
Alangudi Guru Shathlam
6.     Homam