Narayana Moola Mantra and Dhyana Mantra


Dhyana Mantra:


Dhyayet Sada Savitrimandala Madhyavartri Narayana Sarasijasana Sannivista |

Keyurvan Makar – kundala – van Kiriti – hari Hiranmayavapurdhrita Sankhachakrah ||


Narayana Moola Mantra:

Om Namo Narayanaya ||

How to organize Narayana Homam:


            Narayana homam is a suitable one for improving spiritual knowledge to manage difficulties in life. For organizing this homam, one should consult with a leading Vedic consulting firm to experience desired outcomes. Vedic folks is a reputed company that helps to conduct the homam with scholars for achieving best results. Expert teams will give ideas for performing Narayana homam after studying the horoscope of a person.