About mighty Lord Varaha 

Lord Varaha is one of the supreme incarnations of the mighty Lord Vishnu.  He was the third among the ten imperial manifestations of Lord Vishnu.  Lord Vishnu in his Varaha aspect has the face of a boar and a male body. Bhudevi, an avatar of goddess Lakshmi, is the consort of Lord Varaha. Varaha is exemplified by the dark-hued deity Bhumidevi, clenching one of his tusks.

Legends linked with Lord Varaha.

There is a prominent legend linked with the arrival of Lord Vishnu as Varaha. The legends narrate that once there was an evil demon called Hiranyaksha. He created havoc in the world with his evil motives. His fundamental objective was to destroy the earth. He dragged the earth in massive waters using his tremendous powers. The earth was about to drown and vanish completely, but mighty Lord Vishnu came to its rescue. The imperial lord hailed as Varaha or a giant boar, to protect the earth from Hiranyaksha. Lord Varaha engaged in a brutal war with the monster and killed him. The war between Varaha and Hiranyaksha went on for almost a thousand years. After killing Hiranyaksha, Lord Varaha took the earth out of the heavy waters on his tusks. Since then, the mighty deity has been revered for his primordial powers and courage. He is renowned as the courageous and ferocious avatar of Vishnu. He is known for safeguarding the earth’s integrity with his indomitable spirit and tremendous courage.

Significance of Lord Varaha Avatar Homam

Lord Varaha Avatar Homam is a significant fire ritual to attain Lord Varaha’s boons. In Lord Varaha Avatar Homam, a fire kund is lighted having a sacrificial bonfire. Mantra or slokas are chanted to please Lord Varaha. Various rituals and devotional offerings take place in the Homa ritual.

Boons of Lord Varaha Avatar Homam

Lord Varaha Avatar Homam helps bring the mighty blessings of Lord Vishnu. It removes negativity and pessimism from life and fulfils it with optimism. The Homa ritual brings immense wealth and luxuries to life. It removes problems between couples, blessing them with a harmonious and happy relationship. It brings courage and vitality to fight all the odds.

The precious ritual also keeps the wrath of evil energies away. This pious Homa ritual keeps the Vastu dosha away from devotees. It keeps all the health ailments and disorders away and blesses devotees with sound health. The Homa enriches devotee’s lives with prosperity, fortune and abundance. Eliminate all the disturbances and enjoy a peaceful state with the mighty blessings of Lord Varaha.

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