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Navdurga Homam

Navratri Celebration 2014 with Navdurga – Nine days Nine Homam

September 25th 2014 to October 3rd 2014 Every day on 5.30 AM IST

Navratri festival symbolizes nine days of worshiping Goddess Durga. This is one of the best Hindu celebrations celebrated with incredible energy and fervor (particularly Gujrat). The celebration is commended with extraordinary respect and confidence the nation over. This Navratri celebration is otherwise called the Goddess Durga Festival, Nav Durga. Individuals adore Goddess Durga Maa by utilizing different Puja Vidhi Samagri by emulating all the Navratri Puja methodology.

Navratri is accordingly seen as the night where these three parts of our life are offered rest, to turn out again revived and restored. Much the same as the child that rests for nine months in the womb of the mother we rest for nine nights in the Self, to turn out with more innovativeness, and be successful. Successful over what? Over the diverse negative strengths, or parts of ourselves.

During Navratri, we conjure the vitality part of God as the general mother, regularly alluded to as “Durga,” which truly implies the remover of torments of life. She is likewise alluded to as “Devi” (goddess) or “Shakti” (vitality or force). It is this vitality, which helps God to move ahead with the work of creation, conservation and decimation. As such, you can say that God is still, totally immutable, and the Divine Mother Durga, does everything. Really talking, our love of Shakti re-affirms the investigative hypothesis that vitality is enduring. It can’t be made or devastated. It is dependably there.

The word asur (evil presence) signifies ‘the person who stays engaged just in appreciating life and in the liberality of joy of the items’. Such a Mahishasur is available in every human heart. What’s more he has taken control over interior Divine characteristics of the person. It is important to perform puja of Shakti to wind up free from the trap of Mahishasur, by understanding the fanciful manifestation of this Mahishasur. Hence, Shakti ought to be venerated in the nine days of Navratri. This triumph is commended upon the arrival of Dashmi and is called Dussehra.

Importance of Navratri Celebration:

This Navratri Hindu celebration is partitioned into sets of three days to worship three separate parts of the preeminent goddess or goddesses.

•           First 3 days, the Goddess Durga, is otherwise called Goddess Kaali with a specific end goal to decimate all our own and fiendishness.

•           The next 3 days, the Goddess Laxmi, who is considered to have the influence of giving on her enthusiasts the boundless riches, is adored.

•           The most recent 3 days, the Goddess of learning & shrewdness, Devi Saraswati is adored.

On the tenth day, Vijaya dashami or Dussehra is commended. Goddess Parvati, the perfect wife of Lord Shiva (Mahadev) is said to have taken diverse 9 types of goddesses. These nine structures imply different attributes that the goddess impacts us with.

Benefits of performing Navdurga Homam:

Shailputri Durga Homam:

God durga is the first form of nine durga. God shailputri fulfill all desire in our life

Brahmcharni durga Homam:

Lord brahmcharni is the second incarnation of Lord durga. She gives knowledge of learning and show the path to success.

Chandraghanta Homam:

Lord chandraghanta is the third form of lord durga, she gives peace and charm for a successful life.

Kushmanda durga Homam:

Lord kushmand durga gives moksham or assured higher plants in next birth

Skandamata durga Homam:

Lord skandamata durga offer courage and power with achieve a success in life.

Katyayani durga Homam:

Lord katyayani gives suitable spouse and long happy marriage life.

Kalratri durga Homam:

Deity kalratri gives good health, prolong life and also she removes the death fear

Mahagauri durga Homam:

Mahagauri durga is the god of wealth and prosperity.

Siddhidatri durga Homam:

Lord siddhidati durga gives all the Siddhis and power to achieve a victory over life.

So when you respect and devote the Devi, when you jump profound inside the Self amid these nine nights, you develop triumphant over all these negative perspectives or qualities. This is carried out through fasting, contemplation, information, venerate, satsang and quiet, in light of the fact that these filter diverse parts of our being. Fasting detoxifies the body, hush refines the discourse and quiets down the brain, learning filters the accuracy, and reflection permits us to encounter our actual nature.

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