CANCER/ KAR- KATAKA RASHI 2014 :(Rahu transiting to your 3rd house and Ketu to your 9th house) 

CANCERYou will be making brave and courageous decisions in your life during this transit period of Rahu and Ketu. You need to control your aggressive nature during this period. You will witness prosperity with your children or through your loved ones during this period. There are possible for you to give birth to a child. You may gain money through lotteries or through speculations during this period. You may get recognitions through your profession. You may also get job satisfaction through your professional or career endeavor. You may be making frequent short journeys with regard to your career. You will be able to gain wealth through your younger siblings. You may have to take care of your fathers health aspects during this period. He may prone to have prolonged health issues during this period. You may have to be cool and calm to maintain harmony with your family members and also avoid misunderstandings with them. You may not be able to avoid meetings with important and influential personalities. A Short foreign travel or travel related to work or higher studies is indicated during this transit period. You will be able to maintain cordial relationship with your loved ones or with your family members. Those who are seeking for a job change will be able to witness that during this transit period. You need to maintain your reputations and social recognitions as there are chances for you to get into unwanted arguments with others. So avoid unwanted wordy duals or arguments.


  1. Fire rituals for Lord Moon
  2. Parvathi Homa once
  3. Lakshmi Narashima Homa once
  4. Fire rituals for Lord Ketu
  5. Sudharsana Homa once