LIBRA / THULA RASHI 2014 :( Rahu transiting to your 12th house and Ketu to your 6th house)

thulaThere are chances for you to give consultancy to top companies or with foreign traders. Overseas opportunities are on the cards and this will bring you happiness in your life. Business persons will witness good prospects and growth in their venture. Change of residence or relocation will be possible to you before November 2014. Those who are willing to travel abroad will also get chances to go abroad before November 2014. You may witness prolong health ailments during this period especially skin or in the foot. You will find hard to repay your debts. New loans will also be availed by you during this period. You will be able to fulfill one your most significant ambitions in your life during this period. You may find hidden enemies attack during this period. You will also find misunderstanding with them. Financial aspects will not be much impressive to you during this period. Some may face problems in their profession till July 2015. Students those who are finding for jobs will be able to find a suitable job during this period. Sale of property is on the cards.  Import and export agents will find a good time during this period and also those who are having tie-ups with foreign dealings will also witness good period. Purchase of new house is on the cards but you may be purchasing through loan. Auspicious happenings will be witnessed after July 2015 in your life.

Remedies recommended:

  1. Lakshmi Narashima Homa
  2. Lakshmi Dhana Akarshana Homa
  3. Fire rituals for lord Ganesha to overcome from obstacles
  4. Durga or Subramanya Homa to overcome health and debts issues