Rama Navami – Appearance Day of Lord Rama toPreach Moral and Ethic Values to the World.

Rama Navami is a Hindu festival day dedicated to Lord Rama celebrated in the Tamil month of Chitra every year. It falls on April month of this year celebrated divinely by devotees. It is one of part of the celebration in the Navaratri festival that occurs in the Chitra month according to Tamil calendar. It is a great festival among Vaishnavism which has a group of Vainavas called “Alwars” who have great dedication with Lord Vishnu who preaches the wonders of Lord Vishnu.

Origin of Lord Rama

Lord Rama is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu to teach ethics and moral values in the world. It is considered as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the world. Once King Dasaratha in Ayodhya Kingdom had no children, he offered prayers and perform Yagya to Gods. From that Yagya, the nectar was given by God which has the ability to bless a child. So he happily has given it to his three wives. By the benefit of having nectar, Queen Kowsalya who is the wife of King Dasaratha gave birth to Lord Rama in the ninth day of Tamil month Chitra a Spring season. People rejoice the birth of Lord Rama and celebrate Rama Navami in honor of remembering the celestial appearance of Lord Rama in the world.

Celestial Events of Lord Rama

Lord Rama has three siblings namely Lakshmanan, Bharathan, Satruganan. They grew up as a princess and all have great dedication and devotion in his brother Lord Rama. All four princes had well versed in intelligence and discipline. Then Lord Rama helped Sage Viswamithrar to perform a Yagya but Sage Viswamithrar faced destructions from demon Mareecha and Subaahu unable to continue the Yagya. So Lord Rama Killed those demons to protect Sage Viswamithrar. After that, Lord Rama went to the Mithila Kingdom and won the Goddess Sita’s marriage contest and united in marriage with Goddess Sita.

Once Lord Rama ready to have a throne, conspiracy of Queen Kaikeyi who is the stepmother of Lord Rama made him take fourteen years of living in the forest (vanvas)and wants his own son prince Bharatha as next king. Lord Rama accepted her words and move to the forest with his consort Goddess Sita and his brother Prince Lakshmana.

In the meantime of his fourteen years of forest living his consort, Goddess Sita was captured by demon Ravana. So Lord Rama took to battle with demon Ravana to get back his consort. Lord Anjaneya who has great devotion in Lord Rama and King Sukrivan helped Lord Rama to achieve Victory in the battle. After completed his forest life Lord Rama and Goddess Sita returned back to his Kingdom and become King and queen of Ayyodhya. People divinely celebrated Lord Rama for his great works and wonders to his kingdom.

Traditional preparations on Rama Navami

Devotees get purified bodies and minds to celebrate Lord Rama’s appearance day in the world.

Devotees decorate their houses with flowers, garlands and perform pujas to celebrate this auspicious day.

Devotees prepared some favorite cuisine of chana sundal, coconut burfi, liquid drinks made from milk, rice payasam, poli to dedicate Lord Rama on Rama Navami.

Rama Navami celebrations

Rama Navami is a festival day in Lord Vishnu temples divinely celebrated by devotees. Lord Vishnu costumed with jewels, flowers and give blessings to devotees with his consort Goddess Sridevi and Goddess Boodevi in Sanctum of Lord Vishnu temples on Rama Navami.

Devotees offered prayers, pujas in Lord Vishnu temple to get blessings of long life, peace, good family life from Lord Vishnu.

In the Rama Navami festival chariot procession of Lord Rama conducted in many places to celebrate this in a divine manner.

Devotees observed fasting in Rama Navami to get divine blessings from Lord Rama. They used to take meals after temple worship on Rama Navami.

Many devotees used to read Ramayanam and chanting the Rama hymns, praising Lord Rama wonders, make a pilgrimage journey to Lord Vishnu temples on Rama Navami.

The main thing is Lord Rama is the ideal God of having moral values and discipline. So devotees shall follow his divine principles in their life is the best way to celebrate Rama Navami.