Rudraksha Remedies

Rudraksha derives its name from the Sanskrit word which means ‘Rudra’s Eyes’. The seeds of an ever-green tree found only in some parts of the world are known as Rudraksha. These seeds are purified, sanctified, energized and programmed to give the best resuts.

Rudraksha grows from the Gangetic Plain at foothills of the Himalayas to South-East Asia, New Guinea to Australia, Indonesia, Guam, and Hawaii.

To this bead is attached a religious significance as it is the favorite bead of Lord Shiva. The Sages, though having renounced all materialistic things, are found to wear these beads and this implicates the greatness of the Rudrakshas.

Religiously speaking, the Rudraksha is worn to get worldly bliss and salvation and to please Lord Shiva. However, the Rudraksha are used as a remedial measure too.

What are the types of Rudhraksha?

The Rudraksha’s are classified into four types – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vysya and Sudra and their respective colors are white, red, yellow and black. Apart from the colors, the Rudraksha are also classified according to ‘faces’. The number of partitions on the Rudraksha gives the number of faces of the Rudraksha.

How can Rudraksha be use to cure an ailment?

Rudraksha has been in use as a preventive and curative measure since time immemorial. It is an Ayurvedic herb that is known to eliminate diseases and balances the Tridosha and Sapthadhatus.

A patient’s age, degree of chronic illness and ancillary complications play an important role in determining the period of treatment. Other than this, a patient’s cooperation, diet, personal habits, social habits are important for good and faster results.

After the treatment is over, the patients and the family should follow up with the Rudraksha practitioner on what is best for the patient.

Wearing Rudraksha continuously can cure depression, tension, stress, problems related to the central nervous system, blood pressure, skin diseases etc. Apart from physical remedies, the Rudraksha helps a person gain self confidence and get positive growth in their profession.

Can Rudraksha Remedies be used by anyone?

Rudraksha Remedies are best practiced by a trained professional. The best results can be derived only through expert guidance.

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