About mighty Lord Shankara Rudra Shiva

Lord Shankara Rudra is the ultimate avatar of the mighty Lord Shiva. The great deity Shiva, in this avatar, combines the supreme energy of Lord Rudra and Lord Shankara. He is known to shatter all evil energies and bring radiance and glory to the devotee’s life. Lord Shankara is the supreme being, the absolute reality that underlies all existence. He is also known as Rudra Shiva, the destroyer of ignorance and ego. Lord Shankara is often pictured as a wild and ferocious deity, but he is also the Lord of compassion and love. He is said to be both the creator and the destroyer, and his energy is both destructive and creative. Lord Shankara is the embodiment of the highest truth, and he represents the ultimate goal of human existence.  Sri Rudra Shiva is one of the eight supreme incarnations of Lord Shiva. The word ‘Rudra’ signifies Fire. He bestows his devotees with the power and courage to overcome difficulties in life. If devotees worship him with total dedication, they live a happier and safer life.

Significance of Shankara Rudra Homam

Sri Shankara Rudra Shiva Homam helps devotees in tackling various problems. Through this Homam, devotees can live a healthy and wealthy life. This Homam enhances the skills of the devotees so that they can perform better in their respective fields. By completing this Homam, devotees can choose the right path to earn success and add prosperity to their life.

In Shankara Rudra Shiva Homam, the first Rudra Homam Sankalp takes place. The next ritual is to perform Vinayaka Puja. After the puja, Navagraha avahane is organized. The next step includes Navagraha kalasha sthapana. Sri Rudra Shanakara  Homam kalasha sthapana is the next step. Afterward,  Ritvik varnane ritual is followed. Sri Rudra Homam Jaap is the following step. After Jaap, purnahuti is devoted to the almighty. The Homam culminates with the performance of Madhu parka dash daan, and finally, Prasad Vitran takes place.

Boons of Shankara Rudra Homam

Here are the prominent boons of the auspicious ritual-

  • Shankara Rudra Homam brings fortune, joy, and abundance to the worshippers.

  • It boosts self-confidence in devotees.

  • This Homam helps devotees in getting desired results.

  • It brings a pack of happiness and contentment to the life of devotees.

  • Devotees can perform better with the help of this Homam

  • Through this Homam, devotees can spend the rest of life peacefully.

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