Vamacara Tantra

Vamachara Tantra- A Mode Of Spiritual Practice

Vamachara means left hand attainment and is meaning with left hand path. Vamachara is used to describe a particular mode of spiritual practice. These Sadhana or spiritual practices are generally considered to be Tantric. The opposite term to Vamachara is Daksinachara. The term Daksinachara meaning right hand attainment and is synonymous with right hand path or right path which is used to refer the particular mode of worship or sadhana that undertake in spiritual practices. Both the Vamachara (left hand path) and Daksinachara (right hand path) modes of spiritual practices may be noticeable in both heterodox- religious sense and orthodox- adherence to correct faith in religion.

Tantras – Respect For The Women As A Representation Of Shakti

The word Vama means acceptable, affectionate and pleasurable and the word Daksina means south direction. Facing the sun towards the east direction, Daksinachara would be the right hand path or practice and the term Vamacara would be the left hand practice. And also, the word Vama means women. The main feature of the Vamachara Tantra is to respect the women as a representation of Supreme Goddess Shakti. The original concept or idea latent Vamachara the opposite term Daksinachara may have been developed later.

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Pancha Makara – The Way Of Vamachara

The popular way of Vamachara is associated with the Five Ms – Pancha makara. The Five Ms is also known as the Pancha Tattva. The Pancha Makara is Madya, Mamsa, Matsya, Mudra and Maithuna. The Vamachara tradition is to fulfill all the desires in order to eliminate them in subsequent life and to quality the spiritual practices for the highest grades of worship. Any passive wish shall affect the whole cleanliness of soul they contend.

In Vamachara Tantra, the spiritual practice starts directly to control the attachment to body and mind and to grow extreme emotionless. At first stage, this method is use the force of attachment to body and mind in such a way as to render self control. By using this force, one becomes more and freer from the darkness. And also, they freed from all the artificial bonds and the spiritual practices helps to reach the upper range of the sadhana and the mysteries of yoga.

Significance Of Vamacara Tantra

Vamacara initiates one into spiritual progress of the high order. In the age of Kali Yuga, where a discipline oriented life takes a backseat, the Vamacara teaches a strict regimen of meditation, penance, sensory control, cleansing the body of negative thoughts, seeking truth and justice. An individual can achieve heroic disposition become transient and free himself from worldly desires. It works to cultivate each individual by fostering an opportunity for growth and expansion.

To put things in simple view, the Vamachara Tantra ritual helps to get rid of problems relating to vayu dosha like twitches, tremors and spasms. Also problems of constipation, gas, bloating, sleeplessness etc are cleared. For those in the metal business, the ritual brings huge profits and success.

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