Vijaya Ekadashi

Vijay Ekadashi is a significant occasion observed in India. It falls on the Ekadashi tithi of the prominent Phalguna Krishna Paksha according to the Purnima calendar and on the Magha Krishna paksha as per the Amavasya Calendar. Vijaya Ekadashi is dedicated to the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, that is, Lord Rama. Majorly, there are 24 different kinds of Ekadashi, but Vijay Ekadashi is the most significant one. This Ekadashi symbolises a fine amalgamation of eleven senses. It helps accomplish control on eleven vital senses-five sense organs, one mind and five action organs of the human body. People observe fast and revelries on Vijay Ekadashi to achieve concrete stability on these organs.

Significance of Vijaya Ekadashi

There is a very impactful story behind the Vijay Ekadashi celebrations. When evil Ravana abducted our goddess Sita, then Rama, Lakshman, Sugriva and Vanars or a team of monkeys went in search of her. The main problem in their path was to cross the ocean and reach Sri Lanka, the kingdom of mighty Ravan. Lord Rama appealed to the Lord of Ocean to show him direction, but it was futile. Then, Lord Rama,  Lakshman and the team of vanars performed Vijay Ekadashi vrat. Cosmic energies guided them. They established a concrete Rama Setu dam over the ocean and crossed it effortlessly. They then reached Lanka and freed Devi Sita from the clutches of mighty Ravana. Thus, Vijay Ekadashi is a significant part of your mythological history.

Rituals of Vijaya Ekadashi

  • One of the essential rituals linked with this festival is observing fast dedicated to the supreme god Vishnu. Begin your day by taking a bath and then cleaning the entire puja area. You must clean the idol of Lord Rama and Lord Vishnu. Light a lamp in the puja area and devote prasad. Carry the puja using sesame seeds, tulsi, and fruits. Chant special Rama and Vishnu mantra on Vijay Ekadashi to please the supreme deities. Observe a strict fast on Vijay Ekadashi and open your fast only on Dwadashi tithi to gain a multitude of benefits.
  • Abstain consuming food after the sunset on the Dashami. One is advised to avoid grains, pulses, and spices during Vijay Ekadashi fast. You can consume fruits, groundnuts, milk items, and sabudana dishes. On Vijay Ekadashi, do not only observe a physical fast but also purify your mind, body, and soul to appeal to Lord Vishnu.
  • One of the most notable points to remember about Vijay Ekadashi is to abstain from eating or cooking rice in the home. It is because a monster called Mura found an escape in rice to prevent the wrath of Lord Vishnu. Supreme Vishnu killed him and established the glory of victory over the malicious intentions of Mura.

Boons of Vijaya Ekadashi

  •  Vijaya Ekadashi remarks on the victory of good deeds over evil actions. On this day, Rama crossed all the barriers and reached Goddess Sita.  People who celebrate this occasion are blessed with the firm will to accomplish milestones in life. The bliss of Vijay Ekadashi helps in the fulfillment of wishes and long-pending desires.
  • The celebration of Vijay Ekadashi takes away all the pains and sorrows. It also bolsters the prosperity in the house and brings a plethora of wealth and fortune.
  • This occasion helps in accomplishing salvation. One can fight every kind of evil or malicious energy by adoring Lord Vishnu and Lord Rama on Vijay Ekadashi. Those who want to attain good virtues like Lord Rama should celebrate this occasion with great zeal. It is a beautiful day to seek the blessings of supreme Vishnu.


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