Vivah Panchami

Vivah Panchami is one of the most prestigious occasions in Hindu Culture. The day is celebrated across India with utmost grandeur and charm as it commemorates the marriage anniversary of Lord Rama and Sita. Goddess Sita and Lord Rama are one of the most idolized couples in our mythological history.

They signify love and exemplifies pure relation. Vivah Panchami falls on the fifth day of the holy Shukla month and in the waxing duration of the moon in Agrahayana month.

Significance of Vivah Panchami

  • The most crucial connotation of Vivah Panchami is that Lord Rama and all his brothers tied knots on this day. The day when they got married was Basant Panchami, which is why it is named Vivah Panchami. It is very promising to get married on Vivah Panchami as the perfect couple of our great mythology espoused on this day. The weddings which take place on this day are more prosperous and optimistic.
  • Tales narrates that Janak, father of Goddess Sita, organized a grand Swayamvara for her daughter. He wanted the best and the perfect husband for his daughter. Lord Rama also went to Swayamvara with his sage Vishwamitra and brother Lakshman. To find the perfect groom, Janak organized a competition. He placed Pinaka Trishul, which was a gift for him from the great god Shiva. He asked the alleged grooms to lift it.
  • The kings who participated in Swayamvara failed even to set the arrow aside an inch from its position. Then, Rama came to lift the arrow. He held up the arrow with utmost courage and broke it into two pieces.
  • King Janak was startled by the powers and unflinching courage of Lord Rama. He then decided to get her daughter married to him. Afterward, a grand wedding ceremony of Lord Rama and Sita was organized. It is how the most beautiful wedding of Rama and Sita took place.
  • One more important legend linked with Vivah Panchami is that on this day, Ramacharitmanas got completed. Ramacharitmanas is the renowned Awadhi conversion of Ramayan. Valmiki wrote Ramayan, and sage Tulsidas amplified it in Awadhi by writing Ramcharitmanas.

Rituals of Vivah Panchami

There are certain rituals performed on Vivah Panchami. First, devotees must take a bath and clean the pooja place before proceeding with the festival’s traditions. Then, Rama and Sita are adorned with yellow and red coloured clothes, respectively. Dhup is lit, and tilak is placed on the forehead of Lord Rama and Sita’s idol. Sweets, prayers, and mantras are offered to them. It is best to recite the wedding ceremony of Lord Rama and Sita as inscribed in Bal Kand and Ramcharitmanas.

Boons of Vivah Panchami

  • Vivah Panchami is an excellent occasion indeed, and it procures so many windfalls for the devotees too. It is the best event for all Rama and Sita followers to portray their love for the great godheads. It is the best occasion to observe for those who want a fulfilling and happy married life. Vivah Panchami is also the perfect time to get married. The marriages which take place on this day sustain with more vitality.
  • It is also an excellent day to execute community marriages in large numbers. People suffering from problems in their marriage are advised to keep a fast on this day. The fast and idolization of Lord Rama and Sita can bring positivity and peace to their wedding.
  • Vivah Panchami is undoubtedly a beautiful festival to adore with splendid momentum. It remarks the alliance of Rama and Sita, the most adorable couple. Rama and Sita teach us multiple values of maintaining a healthy married life.

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