About mighty Lord Ganapathi or Ganesha

Lord Ganesha or Lord Ganapathi is a supreme divinity in Hindu cosmology. He is the son of goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.  The imperial deity is the godhead of wisdom and proficiency. He removes all the obstacles from his devotee’s life granting them peace and bliss.

There are thirty-two supreme manifestations of Lord Ganapathi. Let’s explore about these mighty deities:

  1. Bala Ganapathi is a deity who is often associated with the rising sun. He is said to bring about fertility and abundance, as well as happiness and good health.

  2. Siddhi Ganapathi is said to bring prosperity and mastery to those who worship him. He is usually depicted in a golden yellow colour.

  3. Uchida Ganapathi is a blue-coloured, four-armed deity worshipped in a tantric form. He is said to bestow advances in careers, good positions and influence, and improved life.

  4. Kshipra Ganapathi is said to have a red-blue complexion and to give knowledge and fulfil all wishes.

  5. Vigna Ganapathi is an eight-handed deity who holds a conch and discusses. He is said to be to remove all obstacles and negative influences. He blesses you with abundant joy and prosperity.

  6. Heramba Ganapathi is a black-coloured, ten-armed deity with five faces. He is the protector of the weak and the helper of those who seeks confidence. He gives hope to the poor and removes suffering.

  7. Maha Ganapathi is a red-complexioned deity with ten hands. He bestows prosperity on his devotees and removes obstacles from their path. He also grants powerful skills, helps to attain glory, and brings joy and prosperity.

  8. Lakshmi Ganapathi: The eight-handed form of Ganapathi is flanked by his consorts Siddhi and Buddhi, who are seated on his lap. He blesses his devotees with wealth, intelligence, material gains, prosperity, and wisdom.

  9. Varada Ganapathi: The form of Ganapathi has a red complexion and grants boons (Varada) to devotees. This lord is very generous and fulfils the wishes of his true devotees. He aids in attaining success in all ventures.

  10. Ekakshara Ganapathi – He is a red-complexion Ganapathi who sits in the Padmasana posture. He has a third eye and crescent moon on his crown, and he helps his devotees control their minds and senses.

  11. Tryakshara Ganapathi – Golden complexioned Ganapathi bestows spiritual knowledge, and focuses on education and progress in their career. By meditating on his beejakshara, one can attain self-realisation and spiritual knowledge.

  12. Haridra Ganapathi – This Golden Ganapathi is known to bring calm to those who worship him and helps them to have their wishes fulfilled.

  13. Ekadanta Ganapathi – This blue Ganapathi has a huge belly which signifies the manifestation of the universe within him. It is said that one is sure to achieve success by worshipping this form of Ganapathi.

  14. Shakthi Ganapathi – This green Ganapathi is worshipped mostly in Tantric form and is said to bring power and strength.

  15. Vidya Ganapathi appears with 12 arms and his consort seated on his left thigh. Worshipping this form of Lord Ganesha is said to free one from all bonds and chains of life.

  16. Another popular form of Lord Ganesha is Dvimukha Ganapathi, who is double-faced and able to remove obstacles in any form.

  17. Dvija Ganapathi, who is four-headed and four-armed. This form of Lord Ganesha blesses devotees with health and prosperity. No matter which form of Lord Ganesha you choose to worship, you can be sure that he will help you overcome any obstacle in your life.

  18. Vijaya Ganapathi, a popular manifestation of Lord Ganesha is said to bestow success in all endeavours.

  19. Kshipra Prasada Ganapathi is believed to bring prosperity, peace, and good health to devotees.

  20. Yoga Ganapathi is said to be able to relieve worries and conflict and is often associated with the chakra of good health.

  21. Sankatahara Ganapathi is the deity that helps with the removal of sorrows and provides prosperity. Worshipping him clears away any obstacles that might be in the devotee’s way so that all tasks can go smoothly.

  22. Bhakti Ganapathi is the main deity for Ganesh Chathurthi. When worshipped, he helps to control tempers, protects from danger and difficulties, and blesses everyone with happiness and prosperity.

  23. Veera Ganapathi – This is one of the fiercest forms. It has a red complexion and symbolizes courage, peace, and prosperity. It helps overcome fear and creates confidence.

  24. Urdhva Ganapathi – This tantric form removes obstacles. It uplifts the devotees to great heights and helps find solutions to problems.

  25. Srishti Ganapathi is a Hindu deity who is known to remove obstacles and difficulties in the lives of his devotees. He is also said to provide clarity of thoughts, a sound sense of discrimination and joy.

  26. Trimukha Ganapathi is one form of Ganapathi that is said to have three faces and sit on a golden lotus. He is also known as a bestower of success in life.

  27. The Simha Ganapathi form of Ganesha displays the  Lord riding a lion – a symbol of strength and courage.

  28. The Taruna Ganapathi is red-hued and is said to bless devotees with joy, courage, and happiness.

  29.  The Nritya Ganapathi is golden-complexioned and is mainly worshipped by artists and performers. He is said to give success and aptitude to devotees in fine arts.

  30. One form of Ganapathi, Dhundhi Ganapathi, has a pot full of precious gems that symbolizes the awakenings he brings to his devotees.

  31. Another form, Durga Ganapathi, is known for removing darkness and bringing success to an individual’s life.

  32. Rinamochana Ganapathi is known for helping people get rid of their negative karma and removing barriers in their lives.

Boons of 32 forms Ganapathi Homam

32 forms of  Ganapathi Homam bring the blessings of the mighty Lord Ganesha. It rejuvenates life with peace and immense harmony.  Lord Ganesha removes all the obstacles and problems from his devotee’s life. He blesses them with spiritual awakening and great proficiency. The sacred ritual brings an optimistic aura and removes all the negative energies.

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