Aandal Jayanthi


Aandal Jayanthi is a prominent festival celebrated with sheer joy and enthusiasm in India. It is celebrated with sheer magnificence, especially in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The festivities of Andal Jayanti go on for ten long days. This beautiful revelry plays an integral role in the lives of South Indians especially. They observe the occasion with imperial celebrations in the Aadi month. It is also prominently known as Aadi Pooram. It commemorates the birth of Andal or Godadevi. She is the consort of the great Lord Vishnu and also an essential incarnation of goddess Lakshmi.


Significance of Aandal Jayanthi


Aandal Jayanthi is the day when the great goddess Parvati came for the first time on earth. She came upon the planet to bestow blessings to her firm devotees. It is one of the paramount significance of Andal Jayanti. Another imperative implication of Andal Jayanti is that the goddess Shakti is very active this month. By celebrating Andal Jayanti, one can also gain the bright blessings of the great goddess Shakti. Goddess Shakti is a well-known form of Goddess Parvati only. Thus, by observing the rituals of Andal Jayanti, one can please supreme godheads Parvati, Shakti and Andal Devi.


One of the most important legends associated with Andal Jayanti is that it was the day when supreme goddess Paravati attained motherhood. It was the day when Goddess ascertained the bliss of being a mother for the very first time. Thus, this occasion plays a very integral place in the lives of women. They can attain the precious opportunity of being a mother healthily by cherishing Andal Jayanti.


Rituals of Aandal Jayanthi


All the prominent Vaishnavite puja spots are decorated to remark the glory of Andal Jayanti. Grand pujas, homams and Abhishek are organized. Aadi Pooram or Andal Jayanti is celebrated with great ecstasy in Srivilliputtur as it is the place of origin of Andal Devi. Ten days long festivities are executed at homes and in temples. On the last day of the festival, the remarkable marriage of Goddess Andal and Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Ranganathar takes place. People observe this marriage as the most pious incident of the entire festival celebration. Charity sessions and grand feasts also take place on Andal Jayanti. Worshippers recite hymns in praise of goddess Andal and Lord Vishnu. They recite pasurams to please mighty Lord Ranganathar. Chatting sessions of thiruppavai is also a prominent activity on Andal Jayanti.


Tamarind rice, curd rice, sweet Pongal and lemon rice are prepared and devoted to pleasing the Goddess. One of the most vital rituals is to spend goddess glass bangles. After the puja sessions, those bangles are distributed among the devotees. Women who wear those bangles are blessed with the boon of happy and healthy progeny. They also get a good companion to spend their lives with. Devotees of Devi Andal also read Lalitha Sahasranamam on Andal Jayanti to ascertain her positive energies.


Boons of Aandal Jayanthi


There are numerous windfalls of celebrating Andal Jayanti. By worshipping Goddess Andal with great joy, particularly on her Jayanti, helps in pleasing her and Lord Vishnu. The celebrations create a ray of hope and happiness in the house. It cheers life with optimism and utmost peace. Goddess Andal blesses devotees with marital bliss. She protects the foetus from all the malicious energies. Andal Devi also endows with the godsend of a good partner. Add more grace to your life by adoring the occasion of Andal Jayanti with supreme grandeur. Follow all the rituals on Andal Jayanti to please goddess Andal and mighty Lord Vishnu.


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