Avani Avittam


Avani Avittam is a notable Vedic ritual practised all over India. It is also prominently called Upakarma. This festival or ritual is majorly performed by the Brahmin caste. This ceremony is most famous among the brahmin caste of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In other regions of India too, this ritual is observed with full zeal and elation. Avani refers to Tamil month whereas Avittam is one of the 27 Nakshatras.


Significance of  Avani Avittam


Avani Avittam plays an integral role in our Vedic history. In all the prominent Vedas, ranging from Samveda, Rigveda and Yajurveda, this occasion is mentioned. This festivity is of great meaning because its base holds a very important ancient legend. On the Avani Avittam day, supreme Lord Vishnu manifested as God Hayagriva. Lord Hayagriva is considered the epitome of knowledge and proficiency. He is the one who reinstated the great Vedas to the creator of the world, Lord Brahma. This is why this festival is also celebrated as Hayagriva Jayanti. On this day, people majorly idolize Lord Vishnu and Lord Hayagriva. They both are worshipped with sheer commitment and devotion.


Rituals of Avani Avittam


Avani Avittam is a very pious ritual. Performing it with dedication cherishes life with optimism and positivity. During this ritual, devotees take a spiritual and devoted vow also called Mahasankalpam. This pledge is known to dilute the effect and catastrophes of sins that one has performed in the past lapse. Another pivotal ritual that is religiously followed on Avani Avittam is chanting sacred mantras. The whole day of this revelry is spent chanting the pious syllables of prominent mantras.


The celebrations of Avani Avittam are embarked by taking a sacred dip in holy water basins. The holy bath is taken before sunrise. After taking the bath, Brahmins adorn a sacred thread known as Janeyu or Yajnopavit.  It is believed that by adorning that sacred thread, the third eye of the Brahmin opens. The third sight represents the eye of wisdom. It bestows more power, calibre and understanding to the brahmins. Brahmins conduct grand poojas and homams near a holy river or lake. They dedicate their sincere worship to the prominent godheads. On the following day of Hayagriva, the Gayatri japan ritual is observed. Brahmins seek the blessings of the great sages and rishis of our culture by vocalizing mantras in their devotion.


Boons of Avani Avittam


Avani Avittam is the time when encouraging energies are in full swing. It is the perfect time to begin something new like any new relationship, project, higher studies, new startup etc. According to our Vedic culture, Avani Avittam commemorates the aura of beginning new things. It is also the best time to get rid of the past year’s baggage. Those who are laid with the depravities of their past time can repent during Avani Avittam. They can worship God for their bad deeds asking the almighty to forgive them.


Avani Avittam is also a prominent day to seek blessings of our ancestry. Worshipping our predecessors on this day helps in seeking their bliss. Avani Avittam is an adequate time for amassing good spiritual and mental health. This festival brings an immense amount of happiness and prosperity to a devotee’s life. Brahmins perform the rituals of Avani Avittam with sheer dedication to achieve ultimate salvation. They perform grand puja and yagyas of Avani Avittam to seek the positive energies of great scholars and rishis. Celebrating the ritual aids the knowledge of Brahmins making them more proficient.


These are some of the significant windfalls of Avani Avittam. Celebrate this holy occasion with full zeal and fervour and acquire a multitude of benefits.


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