Invokes Divinity, Righteousness, Bless Feminine Beauty, Dispel Darkness, Victory in Life

Durgashtami is an auspicious day worshipping Goddess Durga in the form of Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundara and her divine weapons, performing auspicious “Astra Puja” for seeking Goddess Lalitha divine blessings, denotes day of weapons, tools and equipment’s, machines, spares and works.

Performing Lalitha Sahasranama Homam and Chanting Lalitha Sahasranama, 1008 names of Goddess Lalitha blesses all with resources of machines and equipment’s, high income, productivity, life free from poverty, ill-health, mental stress, anxiety, bless regular income, remove fear of repayment, loans, advances, bestows ample cash flow, settlement of dues, remove enmity, anger, evil spirits, bestows life of prosperity.

Legacy Behind The Festival Of Durgashtami

According to legacy, Goddess Durga was a production of the joint perfect spells of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva. Goddess Durga was made to uphold harmony. She is embodied as the most remarkable and lovely Goddess with ten weapons in her ten arms and the Lion as her Vahana. The devas had been once scared by the persecution of an evil spirit named Mahisasura, who had gotten the help from Brahma that lone a female can murder him and that appeared to be difficult to the fiend. Legend has it that when the evil spirit crushed Lord Indra, the Tridev chose to make Durga. It is this celestial female who killed the evil presence Mahisasura with her trident upon the arrival of Durga Ashtami.

Numerous different stories are pervasive in the network about the birthplace of the party. Among those, there is an exceptionally celebrated story of how Lord Ram adored Goddess Shakti before the fight with Demon Ravana to protect Sita, and how the Goddess was conjured and gave him with a capacity to slaughter the shrewd ruler.


Devotees of Goddess Durga watch a day-long quick and love the eight appearances of Goddess Durga to get the gifts of Durga. Prasad of Kheer and Halwa are offered to Goddess Durga during the puja. In the Durgashtami puja convention, there is a standard act of adoring a little youngster kid. During the puja, the young lady is offered Halwa Puri and blessing in a manner satisfying Goddess Durga.

A sacred pot is built up on a special raised area. Generally, a copper pot or mix of five metals, silver or earthen pots are additionally permitted. It is adorned with water and flavors inside, and mango leaves and coconut kept on it with the face pointing downwards. A Picture of Goddess Durga is introduced. The aficionado should offer blossoms at the icon of Goddess Durga while reciting the names of goddess Durga. The puja incorporates blessed shower and sixteen kinds of contributions to the symbol. Panchamrit made of five things including curd, milk, nectar, bovine’s ghee and sugar is offered to the divinity. Different contributions incorporate natural products, dry leafy foods, betel leaves and nuts, cloves and cardamom. Toward the finish of the puja, aarti or waving of camphor is performed. Puja is finished up by welcoming nine little young ladies, washing their feet with blessed water and offering them blessings. The day-long quick is finished by conjuring the gifts of Goddess Durga.


Goddess Durga assists with disposing of every single awful karma of the previous existences. They shield from malady and bring wellbeing and thriving. The devotees fast  on this day to get divine insurance, thriving, achievement, bliss and harmony in their lives.


  • Bless life with love and affection, liberty, curbing disintegration, isolation or fear
  • Bestow forgiveness, contentment, happiness, curtail negative energies, hardship
  • Boost knowledge, enrich courage, strength, abundance of power and strength
  • Gain path for peace and harmony, bless with plenty of wealth, good health, prosperity
  • Fulfill potential energy, gain patience, remove differences, boost entrepreneurship
  • Divine Spirituality, attain self-consciousness, god realization, blissful life


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