About supreme Lord Rudra 

Rudra is an essential manifestation of the supreme consciousness Shiva. He is one of the most revered and cherished aspects of Lord Shiva. Rudra is known to possess unflinching courage and bravery. It is often deemed that Rudra is a violent and angry avatar of Lord Shiva. But for ardent devotees, Rudra is benevolent and compassionate. He assists his devoted followers in eradicating negativity and evil energies bringing only happiness and supreme bliss. Rudra is one of the earliest incarnations of Lord Shiva, and in Vedic terminology, Rudra refers to the wild one. He is known for his terrible anger and dreadful wrath. He also acquires an unmatched calibre of shooting away all sorts of illnesses and even death.

Significance of Rudra Homam and Rudrabhishekam 

Rudra Homam is an integral ritual for reaping Lord Shiva’s blessings. In this fire ritual, a fire kund having a sacrificial bonfire is lighted. Mantra and slokas are chanted to revere supreme Lord Shiva. Devotional offerings and other rituals take place to admire Lord Shiva in his Rudra avatar.

Rudrabhishekam is performed to attract the vibrations and sacred aura of the mighty godhead Shiva. It is one of the most effective and powerful spiritual methods is to bring the Shiva’s blessings. In this ritual, worshippers smear bhasma or sacred ash on their forehead, carry a rudraksha and perform puja for Shiva. They chant Rudrabhisheka mantras and other rituals to attain Lord Shiva’s godsends. Mantra recitation and Gayatri mantra Japa are a few main rituals of Rudrabhishekam.

Boons of Rudra Homam and Rudrabhishekam

Rudra Homam and Rudrabhishekam are the two pious rituals that bring the blessings of the commanding Lord Shiva. If you wish to attain the divine aura of Lord Shiva, then these rituals can be a great saviour for you. These pious rituals protect devotees from all sorts of harm and dangers. Rudra Homam and Rudrabhishekam remove the evil energies and damaging aura. They bring immense optimism and positivity to the devotees. The grand ritual cherishes the devotee’s life with abundance and bliss. If you want to eliminate adverse influences and attain significant milestones, seek these rituals. Their execution will fill up your life with prosperity and affluence.

Rudra Homam and Rudrabhishekam assist in setting outstanding accomplishments in the career and job area. They also bless worshipers with healthy progeny. These rituals work like a magic wand in eradicating vicious planetary doshas, including Shani dosha, Rahu and Ketu Kala dosha. The  Homam and Rudrabhishekam bring harmony and understanding to the family members. They support achieving self attainment and the highest stages of spiritual awakening. If you wish to unravel sound spiritual growth, then resort to Rudra Homam and Rudrabhishekam.

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