KalaBhairava Homam


Kalabhairava is the aspect of Lord Shiva and God of Time.  Kala signifies “time” and “Bhairava” the appearance of Shiva. Kala Bhairava is the lord of March of Time. Dog is the vehicle of Lord Kalabhairava. Feeding food to dogs help you to get the blessings of Lord Kalabhairava.

Time is very precious to everyone. Good times make the man is on cloud nine in his life. Bad times make the man to be fall down. Perform KalaBhairava homam on an auspicious Kalashtami day to get time administration abilities and free from your negative Karma.

Kalashtami day falls on every month during Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha. There is a belief that Lord shiva was appeared in form of Bhairav on the same day. Devotees of Lord Kala Bhairav worship him and offer poojas to Lord Kal Bhairav.

Kala Bhairava Homam Significance

The famous proverb is “Time is Gold”. As per the proverb, time is precious and Time only decides your career, money, fame, health and longevity of life. By participating Kalabhairava homam on an auspicious Kalashtami day can get free from all your wrongdoings, apprehensions, and sufferings.

Kala Bhairava Homam on an auspicious kalashtami day favors us with time administration abilities, protects us against mischance’s and other unforeseen occasions, brings us sure vitality and achievement, eases us from obligations and enhances our budgetary status and frees our negative Karma.

In this auspicious kalashtami day, Goddess Kali is additionally adored alongside Lord Kala Bhairava. This Homam helps in attaining peace and amicability in life.

One can get relief from assorted types of obstacles in life by performing the Kala Bhairava Homam. The malefic impact of planets is additionally wiped out.

Finally, Kala Bhairava Homam evacuates the dreads, sins, and various sorts of malefic impact of the planets from the life of a single person.

Importance Of KalaBhairava Homam on Kalashtami Day

- Get relief from assorted types of obstacles in life

- Complete protection against dangerous things.

- Reduce malefic effects of planets in a horoscope to overcome misfortunes in life.

- Highly recommended for Workers, Entrepreneur, Business Peoples to avoid mistakes and wrong doings.