• Kalashtami is one of the most extraordinary occasions in Hindu culture. It is committed to glorifying the pious energies of Lord Bhairava.
  • This festival falls on the tithi of Krishna Shukla Ashtami in the Hindu lunar month. The festival is also known as Kalabhairav Jayanti.
  • Kalashtami embarks on the 8th day in the moon’s waning phase and brings a plethora of positivity along with it. Generally, there are 12 Kalashtami in a year but the one which falls in Margashirsha month is the most promising one. Kalashtami is celebrated across India with great fervour and enthusiasm.
  • Lord Bhairava is one of the supreme forms of Lord Shiva. Worshipping Bhairava equates to idolizing Shiva as he is the major incarnation of Shiva.

Significance of Kalashtami

  • Kala Bhairava is of great implication in our mythology. The glorious powers of Bhairava are highlighted in the notable Aditya Purana.
  • A very famous legend says that once there was an intense conversation going between Lord Vishnu, Mahesh and Brahma. Lord Brahma passed a critical remark for the great god Shiva. Supreme Shiva became quite angry and ferocious. He manifested himself as Kala bhairava, and in amplified anger, he shaved one of Brahma’s five heads.
  • After that, Lord Shiva was ashamed of his sin and started wandering as a beggar to get rid of his bad deed.
  • He was roaming with the skull of the Brahma’s head as the beggar’s bowl. It is believed that Shiva got relief from his sin’s baggage at Varanasi. Since then, people have adored the ferocious avatar of Shiva as Kalashtami.

Rituals of Kalashtami

  • On the day of Kalashtami, worshippers adore Lord Shiva as Kala Bhairava. Devotees on this day wake up early and take a bath. After the cleanliness of the home and temple.
  • Kala bhairava is worshipped. Mantras are chanted to please the mighty Lord Bhairava.
  • Ardent devotees of Lord Bhairava make visits to the temples and worship him there. Special offerings are bestowed to him. Archana of Bhairava occurs by devoting eight different flowers and leaves. Fibrous fruits are given to the Lord, and a special lamp of ghee is lit to glorify the Bhairava puja. The devotees also recite a famous Kala Bhairava Katha to fascinate the god. People also conduct big ceremonies on this day and execute a grand feast for the Brahmins.
  • Devotees gather in groups and listen to the stories of great Bhairava and the mighty legends linked with the great god. One of the most pious customs which occurs on Kalashtami is feeding black dogs. Black Dogs are prominent on occasion as it is the vehicle of supreme God Bhairava.
  • The black dogs are offered sweets, milk and curd preparations on Kalashtami . One more distinguished activity linked with the prominent festival is making pilgrimage visits to Kashi. It is a well-known pilgrimage spot of Lord Shiva. Making a visit to it on Kalashtami helps in seeking the best of Shiva’s blessings.

Boons of celebrating Kalashtami

There are various windfalls of celebrating Bhairava Jayanti

  • One can get rid of negative thoughts by observing Kalashtami festivities.
  • Kala Bhairava blesses his devotees with utmost accomplishment and fortune.
  • Kalashtami celebrations remove the evil energies from one’s life.
  • Devotees attain the immense powers to bear pain and sufferings by idolizing the festival Kalashtami.
  • On Kalashtami, one can please the great goddess Shiva and his consort Parvati and attain their pious blessings.

Follow all the rituals in a full-fledged manner and with an ultimate dedication to appeal to the great Lord Bhairava. He will nurture your life with utmost serenity and goodness. Bring in more prosperity and riches in your life by celebrating Kalashtami with great zeal.

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