Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deepam is one of the most pious festivities in India. It falls on Purnima tithi, according to the Tamil calendar. It arrives in the holy month of Karthigai. On this day, devotees seek the blessings of the most powerful and royal lord Shiva.

Significance of Karthigai Deepam

  • There is a fascinating story linked behind the celebration of Karthigai Deepam. Once, the great Lords-  Brahma and Vishnu were having a debate on who is more powerful and victorious.
  • Meanwhile, when they were arguing, Lord Shiva appeared like a fire. He asked both of them to find the top and bottom corners of the fire. The one who will discover them first is more superior and extraordinary, Shiva directed. To complete the task, Vishnu took the form of a wild boar, and Brahma came as a bird. Both the godheads gave their best, but they couldn’t find the end and start of the fire. Afterwards, they realized that they were becoming egoistic and paid prayers to Shiva. They then appealed to god for prayers.
  • Then, God appeared in the form of Thirukarthigai  Deepam. It was that first time when God took the form of Thirukarthigai, which signifies that almighty is holy fire.
  • The main motive behind celebrating this festival is to amplify the prominence of god. It exemplifies that God’s powers eradicate our evil thoughts and extreme pride and enlighten the world.
  • Karthigai Deepam festival resembles Diwali closely, and it falls around the time of Diwali only. On this day, lamps are lit, which signifies the sanctity and powers of almighty. The main activity on Karthigai Deepam is to idolize the supreme powers of Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga.

Rituals followed on Karthigai Deepam

  • On Karthigai Deepam, worshippers have to wake up early in the morning. After that, they are advised to take a bath and clean the puja place. Dedicated devotees observe a strict fast on this day. At this festival, unique dishes of stuffed jaggery and rice are prepared and devoted to god.
  • Special lamps called maavillaku are lit on Karthigai Deepam. The lamps are made of ginger, pure ghee, rice powder, cinnamon, and jaggery mixture.
  • Lighting the lamps made of this mixture is very devout. The house is also decorated with beautiful garlands and lightings. In the evening, Lord Shiva’s puja is performed by wearing fresh clothes. People offer prasad and prayers to Shiva.
  • The festival is succeeded by following Deeparadhahnai or lighting earthen lamps. The festivities terminate by distributing neivedhyam prasad. The last ritual includes lighting a few lamps on the home’s entrances at twilight on the next day.

Boons of celebrating Karthigai Deepam

There are a good number of benefits which one can earn by celebrating Karthigai Deepam-

  • Karthigai Deepam’s celebration helps get rid of evil emotions like jealousy, pride, and resentment.
  • The festival creates a positive and optimistic atmosphere in the homes.
  • Worshippers can pray to get their long-pending desires. It is the best time when prayers and wishes are not just received but fulfilled by god.
  • Karthigai Deepam is a very pious time. It sanctifies the mind and bolsters consciousness.
  • One can gain positive and mental wellness by observing Karthigai Deepam with keen determination.
  • Karthigai Deepam festivity boosts happiness, prosperity, and good vibes in the house.

Karthigai Deepam is undoubtedly a beautiful festival. It brings joy and prosperity in life. This festival creates a beam of contentment in the worshipper’s life.

It is a great day to adore the mighty powers of Shiva. This year in 2021 will fall on 19th November. Celebrate the occasion with utmost grace and divinity and reap the windfalls of idolizing Shiva.

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