MahaKali Homam

Maha Kali The Most Powerful Dasa Mahavidya

Rituals or Homas are ancient practices some 5000 years old performed by great sages of the time. These rituals are carried out with the belief that a quick solution can be achieved to problems and also achieve other attributes in life. Vedicfolks Mahavidya series of homa to the Dasa Mahavidyas are special and this month on day of Dasami a Vedicfire ritual to the most powerful goddess Maha Kali is on the anvil.

Kali may mean black or it may also mean Time, whatever it is this manifestation of Maha Shakthi or the universal Mother denotes ultimate symbol of feminine power of destruction.

It’s really still a matter of scepticism as to the origin of the Goddess. But the most trusted version is that she came out of Goddess Durga who had ten arms each carrying a weapon, rode a lion or tiger in battle and fought the demons. In one such battle, she was so furious that her anger burst out from the forehead in the form of Kali. This form went on a rampage and killed the demons and ate them. She continued to be unstoppable and no one could stop her bloody attacks except for Lord Shiva who lay on her path. The goddess stopped and was shocked to see her consort who she had stamped on the chest and thus she lolls her tongue in an embarrassed or surprise gesture and finally she calms down. This also symbolises the supremacy of nature over man. It clearly proves that without Kali or Shakti even a powerful force like Lord Shiva is static.

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Goddess Kali Represents The Universe’s Womb

Take a look at her form. She is dark, denotes the womb of the universe from which all creatures are born and into which they will finally return.  Her hair is let loose. One of her four hands clutches a demon’s severed head dripping blood and the other holds a curved sword representing knowledge. She wears a garland of 51 skulls and a girdle of dismembered arms to show that the body is false and the spirit or soul is real. Her colour does not apply to her as an evil form, but denotes the pure and invisible energy. She always presents herself when evil rears its ugly head and destroys it for righteousness to prevail.

The One Who Removes Darkness From Your Life

Goddess Maha Kali removes darkness from every devotee’s life but they need to strive for perfection by adhering to spiritual practices and purifying austerities. She is a cosmic power who helps bring peace and mental satisfaction. Kali the super goddess is ideal for getting rid of Evil Eye, Black Magic, removing fear and achieving success in work related matters. The Maha Kali ritual brings peace and happiness to you and family. She is the supreme force that eliminates enemies, both within and outside. the enemies within you are your artificial ego, jealousy, hatred, anger, etc and outside enemies are your own circle who don’t want to see you progress in life.

So, let’s worship the emblem of Shakti or power of Lord Shiva who is also the consort of the lord of destruction. Get strength and victory like never before.

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