Matangi Jayanti


Matangi Jayanti is praised on the Shukla Paksha Chaturthi thiti day of Baisakh month. Goddess Matangi is devoted to furious type of Goddess Parvati. It is accepted that who loves Goddess Matangi on Matangi Jayanti is honored with all joys of life. She is liberated from a wide range of fears of life. Goddess satisfies the wants and aides in accomplishing the objectives of life. Goddess Matangi is the ninth type of Dasha Mahavidyas. She is known as the goddess of vocal and music. She has an intensity of the whole universe. Goddess Matangi favors her enthusiasts with upbeat and happy wedded life. Venerating Goddess Matangi brings harmony and amicability.

Moola Mantra 


“Om Kreem Hreem Matangi Hreem Kreem Swaha”

By reciting this mantra to Goddess Matangi Jayanti gets intrepid and is honored with a wide range of joys. The individuals who can’t get the affection for his mom or mom is experiencing sufferings must discuss Matangi Mantra. It is likewise advantageous to diminish the experiencing any regular disaster.

Legacy Behind Matangi Jayanti

As indicated by one inheritance, Goddess Matangi is the fierce type of Goddess Parvati and they help to get calm from a wide range of issues throughout everyday life. She wears a white bow Moon on her brow. Her arms are spread in the four bearings. Henceforth, she is known as Vagdevi. She is a basic type of Goddess Saraswati. An individual who venerates her with Bael leaves has a feeling of fascination. Goddess Matangi is otherwise called Ucchishta-Chandalini or Ucchishta-Matangini. In South India, she is revered as Ucchistha Matangi, Raj Matangi, Sumukhi, Vaishya Matangi, and Karan Matangi. As per Brahmayala, Saint Matang played out an atonement and was honored with Goddess Matangi as a little girl. It is additionally said that when Sage Matang was performing atonement in the woodland, Goddess Matangi showed up as Raj Matangi from the brilliance of Trupurasura to stifle dangerous forces.


A symbol of Goddess Matangi is set on the special stepped area and fans lit the diya, and incense sticks. The hand crafted Prasad is offered to the goddess alongside festoons, Coconut, and blossoms. The mantras are presented, and the aarti is performed. Prasad is dispersed among relatives and companions. Goddess Matangi gives the solidarity to her fans to battle from the shades of malice and to carry on with the existence brimming with bliss and flourishing. Goddess Matangi causes her lovers to comprehend and apply the information at the perfect spot to increase most extreme advantages.


 On Matangi Jayanti, Goddess Matangi is venerated and offered nourishment as prasad. Jagaran and Kirtans are acted in different sanctuaries. Enthusiasts take an interest in this puja with commitment and energy. Matangi Puja is performed to evacuate the evil impact of the planet Sun. The individual experiencing the period and sub time of Sun ought to perform Matagi puja to achieve the bliss and Goddess Matangi Puja is useful for controling the malefic time of the sun or its Maha-Dasha or Antar-Dasha. Those experiencing the fundamental and sub time of the Sun or having malefic Sun must direct vamtantra Dusmahavidya tantrik Ma Matangi Puja. The puja is done to alleviate underhanded impacts of Surya dosha.


  •  Bless material wealth, happiness and success.
  • Bless overly common forces, evacuate neediness and hardships.
  • Remove ailment and advances great wellbeing.
  • Overcome foes, self image and negative vitality.
  • Remove impediments throughout everyday life, and assurance against fiendish musings.
  • Removes Black enchantment, hostile stare and black magic.