Narasimha Jayanti Story | Lord Narasimha


Lord Narasimha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the Dasavatara. Lord Vishnu as Varaha, destroyed the demon Hiranyaksha to save the earth, all devatas were happy for the destruction of the demon.

About Hiranyakashipu

Hiranyakashipu, the elder brother of Hiranyaksha came to know about the death of his brother and he arouse vigorously against Lord Vishnu who destroyed his brother. So undertook several years of severe penance to seek revenge. He went to mountain Mathranchal and started to penance towards Lord Brahma by standing on his right leg Toe for some many years without any distraction.

Bramha on his great penance appeared in front of him and blessed him. Hiranyakshipu asked boon for perpetual Life. But Brahma replied him that no living being in this world can lead a deathless life. So Demon Hiranyakashipu asked for a surprising boon that no human or living beings, Gods or Demons, not in the day or night, nor inside or outside residential place, on earth or on the sky can cause death to me (Hiranyakashipu). Lord Brahma granted his tricky and brilliant boon to him as blessings for his penance.

After getting this boon, Hiranyakashipu started his atrocities as considering him as a great power. He started making problems to all devas and living beings. He started to order everyone to stop worship Lord Vishnu and asked to worship him. He destroyed everyone whoever is not obeying his words.

Hiranyakashipu has four sons, younger amoung the four his Prahlad. They four were under the training of their gurus, one day the Guru of Prahlad complainted to Hiranyakashipu about the activities of his son that he is chanting the mantras and Nama of Lord Vishnu and not concentrating on the Lessons.

Hiranyakshipu soon after called Prahlad and enquired about his behavior. He also asked him what likes the most in his life. Prahlad replied that he like chant the nama and mantra of Lord Vishnu because he is the protecter of the universe. Hiranyakashipu asked him that who is much stronger in this world. Prahlad replied without hesitation that Lord Vishnu is the Stronger in the world because he is the protector of the Universe.

Hiranyakashipu lost his temper and ordered to feed Prahlad a toxic substance. Prahlad drank the toxic substance but it didn’t affect him, it was shocking to everyone. Hiranyakashipu again ordered to Soak Prahald into ocean so that he lwould stop chanting Lord Vishnu Mantra and Nama. But for the surprise to everyone the knots were loosen and Prahlad came out of Water with the recitation of Lord Vishnu Nama.

Hiryankashipu tried for the third time to stop Prahlad from praising Lord Vishnu by making Prahalad to sit on Fire. But it didn’t hurt Prahalad because he was keeping on chanting Lord Vishnu Nama and mantra.

Lord Narasimha

After all these Prahlad didn’t stop praising Lord Vishnu, Hiranyakshipu was annoyed and asked Prahlad that, You said that your Vishnu is everywhere in the universe so ask him to come in front of me, is you Vishnu is in this Pillar. Prahlad replied that Lord Vishnu also resides in this pillar. Demon took his sword to break the pillar. There was a tremendous sound thundered the palace from the pillar. There was a bizarre creature with Lion Face and the human body with a gigantic figure.

The bizarre creature is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Narasimha Avatar to kill the Demon Hiranyakashipu. Lord Narasimha took the demon on his lap and Hiranyakashipu shoulted that he can’t be destroyed by anyone because of the divine boon he got from Lord Bramha.

Lord narasimha, Avatar of Lord Vishnu thundered that “I am neither a man nor an animal, not God or devil, this is evening nor Morning or night, you or on my Lap not on earth or sky. I am not going to use any of the instruments to kill you. I am going to kill you by my nails”. Lord Narasimha Destroyed the demon by killing him by tearing his stomach with extreme anger.

This day is celebrated as Narasimha Jayanti. Lord narasimha bestows his devotees with wealth, peace and removes all his past sins and karmas. Devotees do Puja on this day gains blessings from Lord Narasimha. Worship Lord Narasimha on this day by chanting Lord Vishnu Mantra, observe fasting during this bestows peaceful a happy life.

On this auspicious day of Narasimha jayanti, one can perform Lord Narasimha homam which can give benefits like removes enemies fear, bestows peace and happiness, reduce debts, gains wealth. Reduces sins and karmas.         

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