Navagraha Mantra and Its Characteristics

About Navagrahas:


Navagraha’s are 9 planets – Surya(Sun), Chandra(Moon), Mangala(Mars), Budha(Mercury), Guru(Jupiter), Shukra(Venus), Shani(Saturn), Rahu(North Lunar Node) and Ketu(South Lunar Node) which are plays a major role in deciding the destiny of the person .

The nine grahas or planets in our horoscope control our Good & Bad, karma, our desires and their outcomes. Each of the nine planets influence in our lives, which is called “dasa” and its can be known from our horoscope.

Here is the Navagraha mantra(Beej Mantra) and its own characteristics of all the nine planets with chanting time. Also our Vedic Scholar mentioned lucky stone, luck number, deity, strength and weakness of all the grahas.


Surya Or Sun: - Swattiwik, Fiery, Kshatriya

Lord Surya is the known God and can be seen by everyone. He is the major deity in solar and his consort is “Saranyu & Chhaya”. Surya represents as Agni/Fire God and his color is Gold. Sun Homam is performed for improving Leadership Quality.

Sun Represents: Soul, Ego, Atma, Vitality, Strength, Doctoring and Capacity

Deity: Siva, Fire, Rudra, Lord Narayana

Beej Mantra: Om hram hreem hraum se suryaye namah|| (7000 times in 30 days)

  • Stronger Sun will give force and individuality.
  • Whenever sun gets weak or afflicted in horoscope – Native’s general health is affected.


Sun Homam:


Chandra or Moon: – Sattwik, Watery, Vaishya

Chandra also called as “Soma” is the symbol of Young and beauty. Moon is the god of Karkadaka/cancer Rasi. The consort of moon is rohini and his color is Silver. Moon Homam is performed to master ones emotional level.

Moon Represents: Mind, Heart, mana, moola.

Deity: Durga, Parvati, Gauri

Beej Mantra: Om shraam shreem shraum se Chanderaaye namah|| (11000 times)

  • Positive Moon makes one responsible, imaginative but variable in nature.
  • A weak Moon and afflicted moon gives chronic ailments to mother, changeable and elastic nature.


Moon  Homam:


Mangala or Mars: – Tamasik, Fiery, Kshatriya

Angaraka also known as Mangala, is a “God of War” and “Protector of Justice/Darma”. His consort is Shati Devi and his color is Red. Tuesday is the day of Mangal and his gemstone is coral. Mars Homam is performed to reduce problems in marriage life

Mars Represents: Stamina, Dhatus

Deity: Ganesh, Hanuman, Subramanya, Shanmukha Kartikeya.

Beej Mantra: Om kraam kreem kraum se bhomaye namah|| (10000 times in 20 days)

  • Favorably disposed Mars gives alert mind and makes one quick to act.
  • Badly placed Mars that is Mangal Dosha gives aggressive temperament, delay in marriage and problem in marriage life.


Mars  Homam:


Budha or Mercury: – Rajasik, Earthy, Shudra

Budha is the son of Lord Chandra(Moon) and god of Merchandise. He rules the planet mercury and represented as “Protector of Merchants”. His consort is Ila and color is Green. Mercury Homam is performed to improve ones intelligence level and creativity skills.

Budha Represents: Intellect, reasoning, speech, communication, wit, mixture of dhatu moola jeeva.

Deity: Vishnu, Lord Narayan

Beej Mantra: Om braam breem braum se budhaye namah|| (19000 times in 21 days).

  • Strong and un-afflicted Mercury gives great power of concentration in studies and in his sphere of work.
  • Afflicted Mercury in horoscope causes disturbances in studies due to family circumstances.


Mercury  Homam:


Guru or Jupiter: - Brahmin, Sattwik, Fiery

Brihaspati or Guru is Symbol of Knowledge, love, teaching and spirituality. He is the Guru of Devas and known as God of Wisdom. The word Brihasparti derives from Brahmanaspati. Thursday is dedicated to Lord Jupiter and his direction is north-east. Lord Jupiter consort is Tara and color is Yellow. Jupitar Homam is performed to achieve success in all tasks.

Guru Represents: Wisdom, Knowledge, Happiness and plentiful, jeeva.

Deity: Brahma, Indra, Shiva, Lord Narayana.

Beej Mantra:  Om graam greem graum se gurve namah|| (19000 times)

  • Strong Jupiter gives good Spiritual life, friends, pure, happy, fortune, wealthy, fondness, study for astrology and will not involve wrong doings.
  • Weak and afflicted Jupiter gives putradosha/no-child, diabetics, piles, tumors, kendradhipati dosha, liver malfunction and blood cancer.


Jupiter  Homam:


Shukra or Venus: - Rajasik, Airy, Brahmin

Shukra – “Friday” means clear, pure or brightness. Shukra is the Guru of Demons or Asuras. In Astrology “Sukra dasa” represents twenty years in a person’s birthchart/horoscope and it will give more wealth, fortunes and luxuries life like King. Venus consort is Sukirthi & Urjaswathi and his color is white. Venus Homam is performed to witness major changes in the life.

Shukra Represents: Sensual, pleasure, erotic impulses, jeeva.

Deity: Shachi, Indrani, Lakshmi.

Beej Mantra:  Om dhraam dhreem dhraum se shukraye namah|| (6000 times).

  • Venus is auspicious when ahead of Sun and in 12th except in Capricorn and Aquarius. Good placement of Venus gives prosperity in profession after marriage. Afflicted Venus in a dual sign gives many girls.
  • Negative Venus makes one mean-minded, licentious and unscrupulous and having illicit love. Malefic Venus brings alcoholism and diabetes.


Venus  Homam:


Shani or Saturn: - Tamasik, Airy, Outcaste

Shani or Chayyaputra is the son of Lord Surya/Sun and represented as Dark-Planet. Lord Shani Dev symbolizes longevity and troublesome God who has capable to stop fortunes, wealth by his influence and placement of person’s horoscope. Lord Shani Dev consort is Neeladevi(Jestadevi) and his color is black or blue. Saturn Homam is performed to reach high levels in carrer.

Shani Represents: Delays obstruction, miseries, sorrows, democracy, moksha karaka

Deity: Brahma, Siva(Mrityunjaya Japa)

Beej Mantra: Om praam preem proum se shanaye namah|| (23000 times)

  • If Saturn is strong, bringing leadership, strong career, well behaved, cultured, honor to all, righteous, straight forward and free from dangers.
  • Malefic Saturn gives, Shani dosha, insignificant, miserable existence, sorrows, diseases and hardship life.


Satrun  Homam:


Rahu: - Dragon’s Head, Caput, Ascending node

Rahu is represented to as the head of all demonic snakes that swallows the sun and moon, causing eclipses according to Hindu Scriptures. There is no specific day dedicated to him as we know he is a shadowy planet. Rahu consort is Simhi and his color is Dark Blue. Rahu Homam is performer to improve ones Knowledege and Confidence Levels.

Rahu Represents: Materialism, oldish look and bald, planet of transcendentalism, the lord of the sign and constellation where it is posited. Rahu denotes foreign people, foreign casters, foreign lands and travels.

Deity: Mahashakti, Nagaraja

Beej Mantra: Om bhraam bhreem bhraum se rahuve namah|| (18000 times in 40 days)

  • Un-afflicted Rahu gives, fantastic look, wealth, power and landed property.
  • During Rahu dasa, educational career will be distrupted and struggle in initial stages.


Rahu  Homam:


Kethu: - Dragon’s tail, Cauda, Descending node

Kethu represents as shadowy planet and considered as tail of demon snake. There is no day is dedicated to him. Karakas are Moksha, lunacy, imprisonment and life in foreign land. Kethu consort is Chitralekha and his color is smoky grey. Kethu Homam is perfrmed to Live a trouble free Life.

Kethu Represents: Spirituality, the lord of the sign where it is posited.

Deity: Ganesha, Bhairava

Beej Mantra: Om sraam sreem sraum se ketuve namah|| (17000 times in 40 days).

  • Strong Kethu gives, specializations, analytical intellect, fame and favor from govt., accumulation of wealth.
  • Kethu in lagna gives health problems, loss of wealth, defeat and distress all around.


Kethu  Homam:


Navagraha Maha Homam:

Navagraha maha havan is performed to evacuate several malefic impacts caused by nine planets (Navagraha’s) and to bring several benefits into life in effective manner.

Navagraha Maha Homam: