Smartha Ekadasi


Smartha Ekadasi is a notable festivity celebrated all over India. It is a significant part of Ekadasi. When Ekadasi falls in a consecutive session; the first day of Ekadasi is celebrated as Smarta Ekadasi, and the second day is observed as Vaishnava or Bhagwat Ekadasi. The fundamental rule of observing Smartha Ekadasi is that the Ekadashi should be visible at the time of local sunrise phenomena. This Ekadashi is dedicated to mighty Lord Vishnu. He is adored and idolized with complete rituals and arrangements on Smartha Ekadasi.


Significance of Smartha Ekadasi


Smartha Ekadasi hails its origin and emergence from Smarta Sampradaya. Smarta ideology believes that there is no distinction between Shiva, Shakti and Vaishnavism. They consider that Brahmins are the major divinities and one form of Hindu deities. Smarta is also prominently referred to as the Vedic Hindu religion. They are those who religiously follow the teachings and preachings of Vedas And Shastras. In the Smarta, the devotees are liberal to opt for the god they wish to worship. Any religious obligation does not bind them, and they can cherish the deity of their own choice without any hindrance.


Prominent Vedic scholar Adi Shankara is the father of the Smarta sect. He is the leading figure who has enlightened the prospect and aspects of Smarta Sampradaya. Smartas acknowledge that there is one supreme god followed by the manifestation of all the Hindu deities, including Shiva, Surya, Shakti, Skanda, Ganesha and Vishnu. All these principles of the Smartha sect formulate the basis of this community.


Rituals of Smartha Ekadasi


There are diverse rituals that are observed on Smartha Ekadasi. The foremost tradition is to perform Ekadasi fasting. Devotees should wake up early in the morning. They should take baths and wear clean clothes. They should also clean their home and puja place thoroughly. The fast is committed to mighty Lord Vishnu. It is the best way to demonstrate intense devotion to the supreme Vishnu. One of the essential points to remember while keeping this fast is that the fast must end when Dwadashi tithi comes to an end. To celebrate Smartha Ekadasi with more prominence, adore the occasion by doing humble activities. Organize a feast for brahmins or needy children. Donate essential items to the poor people and feed them. Also, feed animals and birds to make the occasion even more blissful.


There are a few don’ts to follow on Smartha Ekadasi. Worshippers must abstain from eating rice on this Ekadasi; they should remain vigilant and avoid sleeping during the twilight time. Do not indulge in fights or any negative things, especially on this day. Make sure that on this day you observe the fast of the soul along with the physical fast. Offer prayers, prasad and flowers to Lord Vishnu and commemorate this auspicious occasion with full zeal and enthusiasm.


Boons of Smartha Ekadasi


Smartha Ekadasi brings in a good number of windfalls for the devotees. Ekadashi cleanses the mind and soul of a human, and it helps him/her concentrate more on the positive elements of life, eradicating the opposing sides. The special occasion of Smartha Ekadasi brings in the pious blessings of supreme Lord Vishnu and mighty goddess Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu helps the devotees fight all the odds of life; he assists the devotees in attaining utmost peace and tranquillity. His consort Goddess Lakshmi aids the individuals in bolstering monetary stability in their lives. She blesses the devotees with economic boons and support in fetching more riches too. Thus, celebrating Smartha Ekadasi welcomes more prosperity, happiness and contentment for the individuals. Add more warmth and gratitude to your life by cherishing the occasion of Smartha Ekadasi.


Celebrate this auspicious occasion and adore your home with more positivity.


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