Chitra Purnima


Chitra Purnima- Birthday of Chitragupta

  • Chitra Purnima is an auspicious occasion that falls in the Chaitra month. The event is observed in the full moon month. Hindus with utmost commitment and enthusiasm predominantly celebrate it.
  • The Purnima is observed when the full moon aligns with the constellation energies of Chitra. Mighty Lord Chitragupta is idolized on this day as the Poornima marks his birthday.
  • Be it Vedik Puranas, Garuda Purana, Mahabharata epic, Bhavishya Purana, or Padma Purana, Chitragupta finds impressive value in all the significant scriptures.
  • Brahma, the Hindu creator god, made Lord Chitragupta by integrating the energies of a son. By the fine commix of body and spirit of Brahma, Chitragupta came into origin.
  • Chitragupta works as the personal scribe of Yamaraja. He assists Yamraj in analyzing the karmas of people and deciding the appropriate death time for them.
  • Chitragupta is a representative of Yamarja. He works as his bookkeeper and records the good and bad actions of people. Chitragupta finds an extraordinary place in Garuda Puranas as the giver of letters.
  • There are majorly two main temples in India that are primarily committed to God Chitragupta. Chitragupta temple of Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, and Chitragupta Temple of Kancheepuram are pretty eminent. Thousands of worshippers visit these temples, especially on Chitra Purnima, to offer prayers to the great sun god Chitragupta.

Significance of Chitra Purnima

Chitragupta is one of the supreme lords. His importance increases to whole new folds as he safeguards the good and bad deeds timelines. People worship him with the utmost zeal to eradicate the wretched sins they have performed in the past life. A person can seek zillion of benefits by worshipping Lord Chitragupta during Chitra Purnima-

  • Chitra Purnima is of immense importance for Hinduism followers. The occasion comes as the gleaming opportunity for introspecting soul and mind and rectifying the past actions.
  • Chitra Purnima is the perfect occasion to regret the past deeds and pay apologies to the almighty.
  • The event is also a pretty appropriate day for presenting the desire for heaven allocation from god.
  • Worshipping Lord Chitragupta on Chitra Purnima brings prosperity, harmony and an escape from all the catastrophic deeds.
  • The devotion of Lord Chitragupta bolsters courage and the will to do good in life.

Rituals of Chitra Purnima

  • Chitra Purnima is undoubtedly a very pious time of the year. This day is solely committed to supreme God Chitragupta. Legends and epic stories illustrate that Chitragupta is one of those gods who keep an eye on people’s actions.
  • He closely monitors sins and good deeds and rewards the devotees accordingly. Chitra Purnima is a prominent time to worship him and impress the mighty Lord.
  • On the Chitra Purnima day, devotees perform religious baths in holy water. They shed their skins and observe the positivity of the great Lord. Worshippers also donate money, food and other essentials to the needy ones.
  • A good number of pujas are organized in temples and spiritual places on this day. Dedicated devotees of Chitragupta also maintain fasting on occasion. Chitra Purnima is a highly recognized time of the year as it solidifies the virtues of one’s life. By performing pujas and rituals in a well-executed way, people can please Lord Chitragupta effortlessly on this day.
  • Devotees can create a fine amalgamation of good and bad karmas by worshipping Chitragupta at this festival.
  • According to Vedic literature, our deeds are the ultimate decider of our fortune after death. If a person performs good deeds, then he/she ensures a position in paradise. Evil deeds, however, hamper the way of reaching heaven and widens the door of hell. The blessings of Chitragupta helps in living life with supreme divinity and optimism.