About supreme goddess Santana Lakshmi

Santana Lakshmi Kameshwari is one of the most effective forms of Goddess Lakshmi. Deity Lakshmi is known to bestow financial prosperity to her worshippers. There are eight pivotal aspects of Goddess Lakshmi.

Santana Lakshmi Kameshwari is one of those eight aspects. She is known to bless devotees with continuous attainment in life and a boon of healthy progeny.

The term Santana means offspring. She has eight arms in which she carries a sword and a shield. Her one hand indicates the Abhaya Mudra, which implies curtailing darkness and strengthening the chances of having healthy progeny. If devotees worship her with complete dedication, she blesses them with active children. Goddess Santana Lakshmi holds a child in her hand, who carries the lotus flower. According to Puranas, all the living beings are children of  Santana Lakshmi Kameshwari, and she presents her love and affection to one and all.

Goddess Santana Lakshmi fills the lives of her devotees with immense happiness and wealth. She also helps the couple improve their relationship and make it more joyous. Goddess Santana Lakshmi Kameshwari fulfills the couple’s desires and adores them with a healthy child. She sits on a lotus attired in yellow or reddish garments, and she also wears a garland of flowers and gold jewelry.

Importance of Santana Lakshmi Kameshwari

In Santana Lakshmi Kameshwari, a fire kund is set, and other arrangements are made. A sacrificial bonfire is lighted to please the mighty divinity. Mantras and slokas are chanted to revere the powerful deity, Santana Lakshmi. Devotional offerings and performing Sankalpa are two integral parts of the Homa ritual.

Boons of Santana Lakshmi Kameshwari Homam

Devotees can reap a fortune by worshipping Santana Lakshmi.  Goddess Santana Lakshmi Homam showers her followers with income and helps them to withstand their debts. She helps the proponents in making their financial conditions stable. Devotees can purify their souls by offering prayers to her. Worshippers can spend their lives peacefully by worshipping her. Santana Lakshmi Homam Kameshwari assists the devotees in tackling a financial crisis. The childless couple can have children with the sacred ritual. It protects the child from evil forces and enemies. Goddess Santana Lakshmi Kameshwari provides great health to children by safeguarding them from all ailments.

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