Lord Kasi Viswanath Jyotirlinga

  • Lord Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirlinga is also revered as Lord Vishveshvara Jyotirlinga or Lord Viswanathar Jyotirlinga. The Kasi Viswanath Temple is the first among all the Jyotirlinga’s located in holy town of Varanasi, is said to be the holy abode of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati on earth.
  • A visit to this very ancient temple – that’s mentioned in the Skanda Purana – fetches blessings of the divine couple and salvation.
  • The unique feature of the temple is that devotees can perform ceremonies to the lord directly without the help of a priest. Lord Viswanath is all merciful and kind and therefore the temple is also known as Abode of Bliss.  It is also known as the golden temple for its domes covered in pure gold. The Ganges flows in the region which has 64 bathing ghats and those taking dip in it are purified of all sins.

Legacy of Lord Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirlinga

  • The cosmic energies of Nirgun Roopa have given the origination of Saguna Vishwaroopa from its original form of Nirvikar Chaitanya and Sanatana Brahma. Lord Shiva assumed the form of Purusha the man and Goddess Shakti as Shree, the woman, both in the form of Shiva Shakti Roopa.
  • The Purusha and Prakriti the nature and the man were responsible in creation of natural human being in the universe who undertook performing severe penance and a sacred place have been identified by Shiva Shakti Roopa. At the end of the tapas arose the divine city by name Pancha koshi. This is the place Lord Vishnu took his abode praying Lord Shiva have experienced plenty of Watersprings all over, glittered in glory. From the cosmic rays of this sacred place noted from his ear a gemstone when he tilted his head and this place hold a significant name called Manikaranika.
  • The sacred watersprings of Manikaranika and Panch Koshi were gathered by Lord Shiva in his Trident as he is the supreme of all beings and he is above all three aspects namely creativity, sustenance and destruction and upholds all the three states under his cosmic power.
  • From the Navel of Lord Vishnu given rise to Lord Brahma originating from a Lotus flower who have been given the responsibility of creating the universe which had the measurement when he created the universe comprising of fifty crore Yojanas with sacred lokas comprising in fourteen. The city of Panch Koshi was kept away by Lord Shiva sacredly and established an energy by name Mukti Dayak Jyotirlinga to save the beings and to manage their own karmas and deeds and made Kashi to be in this place of mortal from his Trident, which he intended not to get destroyed by Lord Brahma at the end of his final day, but to destroy at the time of Pralaya only when final destruction and in order to save Pancha Koshi from Pralaya was kept under his Trident. So, this abode has a special name been called Avimukta Kshetram, in the form of Avimukteshwar Lingam worshiped by devotees to attain Moksha.

Benefits of Performing Lord Kasi Viswanath Jyotirlinga Homam

  • It fulfills all desires and removes obstacles that prevent you from achieving success
  • It eradicates negativity of all types including that of planets like Saturn
  • It brings harmony to married life and improves status of family life
  • Solves Graha and Pitru Doshas, Bless Unity in the Family, Wealth, Prosperity

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