Mrityunjaya Homam

Mrityunjaya Homam – To Increase the Life Span

Mrityunjaya homam is a standout amongst the best approaches to be currently mending – to survive and restore a man or lady who is under life risk. By decimating one’s trepidation against death it serves to diminish the dangers to life because of mischance’s and genuine ailment furthermore in uprooting insidiousness impacts of foes and reasons for alarm about passing on or other unnecessary creative abilities on losing one’s life. It offers one the quality of brain and resolution furthermore makes them comprehend what is implied by death and clear one’s psyche of all stresses and make it abide in peace.

Significance of Mrityunjaya Homam

Mrityunjaya homam is committed to Lord Shiva to evade inconvenient demise. The Maha mrityunjaya homam is performed to attain triumph over death. God Shiva is otherwise called destroyer of death. Maha Mritunjaya homam is committed to Lord Shiva to maintain a strategic distance from inauspicious demise.

Benefits of Performing Mrityunjaya Homam

  • By performing Mrityunjaya homam atleast once in a year safeguard our life from misfortunes.
  • Performing Mrityunjaya homam on one’s birthday protect us and live long life.
  • Mrityunjaya homam help us to rejuvenate vitality for longevity.
  • Favourable to attain victory over death.
  • Performing this homam safeguard us from any sorts of accidents and ill effects.

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